What Does Science About Drinking Hot Tea in Summer?

With the scorching sun rays blazing above and the constant sweat trickling down your forehead, you really need something to cool you off internally! On such days, the popular choices are lemonade, juice and cold drinks; but do these actually calm you down?

Well, not to sound too biased; they do give a moment of respite but that’s just a passing moment! So, why not try for an alternative?

Have you heard of drinking hot tea during summer? Bet you have! Yet, you are in a dilemma as to how can something already hot cool you down on a sunny day? Let’s talk about science!

According to science, drinking a cup of hot tea often cools you down much more considerably than cold drinks. They make you sweat profusely which, as per scientists, proves the best way of staying cool!

Many neuroscientists recommend drinking hot teas as they raise your body temperature and make you sweat at an enhanced rate!

To Understand more Deeply, here are a Few Pointers which might Help You Out – 

1. The nerves in the mouth along with those in the upper portion of the digestive tract react highly to the hot steaming beverage. They stimulate your brain to increase your sweat rate and in the process, when this evaporates, it eventually cools the body down.

2. Once you start drinking tea, you will feel a bit warmer but as the sweating starts, it makes you a hell lot cooler! You will notice a considerable change in your body temperature as well as on your face.

3. Moreover, scientists have also discovered in a recent study that your mouth’s temperature sensing nerves respond well with hot liquids and do not warm your body unlike the popular belief!

4. As tea contains a very minute amount of caffeine, the sweat triggering process take place from here only. Your entire body reciprocates to this trigger and ultimately your sweating pays off!

5. Tea also helps to keep your digestive tract happy in summer. The hot weather makes your digestive system irritable and vulnerable to illness. So, a cup of green tea in this case helps keep your system calm and kicking!

What Happens when You Drink Cold Beverages in Summer?

You can very well guess that a cold beverage will not let your body produce enough sweat to cool you down! Instead, your body will get agitated more in the long run and warm you up! For example, an iced beverage will increase your body heat! As a result, you will have a much lower sweat evaporation rate on your skin surface.

So, this summer, why not opt for a nice cuppa of hot tea instead of your regular cold drink bottle?




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