Top 5 Teas for a Refreshing Self-Treat

Whether you are an early riser who likes to sit with a book in the calmness and serenity of the wee hours of morning or night is the only time when you can click on that new episode after a hectic day, there is nothing like a steaming cup of tea to accompany you through your ‘me’ time. With brands coming up with an increasing variety of flavours, the world of tea is ever expanding and there is one for everyone.

Read on to find the blend that best suits your taste.

1. Breakfast Tea

What better time of the day than morning to get a kick of caffeine to perk you up? No matter how significant breakfast is as a meal, it surely is the most important beverage of the day. Aptly termed ‘breakfast tea’, it is preferably a blend of black tea, with an extra punch of caffeine to help you through the busy morning schedule. Orthodox and English Breakfast in CTC Blend Tea are some of the best flavours to try in the morning that are suited for consuming brewed raw as well as with milk.

2. Orthodox Tea

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like the strong astringent flavor of our run-of-the-mill builder’s tea, orthodox tea is for you. With a more delicate and complex flavor profile, they provide the most authentic tea experience, the reason why they have a high demand in the world tea market. They are a filtered mixture of Orthodox Tea, delicately curled GTGFOP1 Clonal and Golden Tip. An additional advantage over CTC tea is that these accommodate the addition of spices and condiments far better and you can relax with a new flavour of beverage every time.

3. Wellness Tea

Wellness teas are all the rage now for they provide a quick and healthy alternative in our busy lifestyles. They are infused with special herbs and flowers that have medicinal properties. If you are someone who likes the idea of boosting immunity, improving metabolism and complexion more than just caffeine, you could choose among brewing a cup of White Tea, Hand Rolled Oolong, or Green Tea.

4. Flavoured Tea

Have a refreshing start to your day by treating your taste buds to a new variety of your same old cup of drink. An aromatic brew of some unique flavours makes flavoured tea a favourite among tea lovers who like experimenting.
Have fun elevating your culinary experience with our very own Masala Chai or the luxurious Earl Grey Tea, Chamomile and Lemon Green Tea.

5. Ultra Rare and Luxury Teas

This one is for true tea lovers who believe in having only the finest of these varieties. A dash of luxury, integrity and elegance is what makes these varieties more expensive and sets them apart from most teas available out there. Marketed as Silver Needle and Golden Tips, with varieties in strength of flavor and astringency these are popular for their opulent quality throughout the world.

Which Blend Is Your Soulmate?

The world of tea has come a long way since the British had introduced this soul rewarding beverage to us and it has become more than just a lifestyle choice. Gone are the days when one had to choose between run-of-the-hill black tea and milk tea, today’s variety can make even a sworn coffee lover switch to tea.

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