Teas to Sip at Different Times to Make your Summer Refreshing

Feeling too hot, irritated, humid, and more this summer season?

Sipping a cup of healthy tea in the morning, afternoon, and night would make the summer season refreshing for all. Green, white, oolong, Lemon, and more teas are classified into different times when it can be enjoyed most during the summer season. Hence, below you can go through ideal tea beverages for different times of the day. Following it will help you enjoy quite a refreshing summer season. Take a look at different tea types for different times of a day in detail!

  1. Morning Teas

For a summer morning, you need something that will offer you ample energy and alertness throughout the time you work. One of the best teas to drink on a summer morning is black tea. The caffeine present in it aids in acquiring the required energy and focusing ability on a specific task. Moreover, this tea can be easily paired with milk, sweetener, etc. that offers people several zests and an excellent aroma that will make anyone’s summer morning better.

Apart from black tea, people can also opt for oolong tea on a summer morning. This is ideal for people who are looking for a less intense flavor than black tea. Also, it has the goodness of black and green tea when it comes to overall health benefits and has a distinctive balance of taste too.

  1. Afternoon Teas

For an afternoon beverage, you should opt for something mild. This is why tea enthusiasts opt for White tea during summer afternoons. It provides a sweet and mild taste that is missing from other teas. This tea’s leaves are harvested when they are young, and their oxidization is stopped after a short period (for green or black tea, oxidation is continued for a long time). This is why White tea retains sufficient nutrients that are not available in other tea types. In addition, it does contain some amount of caffeine properties that helps an individual to go through the rest of the day.

Nevertheless, people can also opt for Green tea after lunch as it has elements that assist an individual in having adequate digestion. However, what makes it the best summer afternoon tea is that it can be made to be Iced Green Tea that allows an individual to hydrate and feel refresh throughout a day. Hence, you are having Green Iced Tea mean that you enjoy health benefits as well as stay refresh during summer afternoons.

  1. Evening and Bedtime Tea

For your evening time, you can opt for Lemon and mint tea as this tea type will assist you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a long day at work. This herbal tea type is consumed by people to feel relaxed in the evening and is free of caffeine. Also, this tea will help in improving one’s sleep quality as well as reduces fatigue. Just remember to not opt for caffeine-infused tea in the evening or night time.

To prepare it, you can simply use herbal tea leaves according to your preference and add Lemon to it for the ultimate refreshing flavor. There are numerous recipes for it; thus, you will need to seek the most suitable for your evening tea.

Lastly, if you are a person that loves bedtime tea, then you will need that treats insomnia, reduces anxiety, and more, which happens to increase during summer nights. Therefore, the tea you require for a summer night is Chamomile tea. It has a calming effect due to apigenin antioxidant presence, and it helps to induce a better sleep at night.

Hence, all you need is to order these teas and enjoy a brew at different times of days mentioned here. Also, if you want, you can search for recipes to make a cup more flavorful and aromatic. However, ensure following the types of teas you should drink at different times of a summer day to make it relaxing and better.

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