Which Tea Is Ideal For Weight Loss And Reducing Belly Fat?

Shedding any extra weight or losing some inches is quite difficult for all. From maintaining adequate diet to following an appropriate regime it takes a lot to lose those few extra-pounds. However, one of the things which aid in shedding weight is adding tea to diet. There are a few types of tea which offers some help in losing weight and belly fat. Moreover, one can simply put boiling water in a cup and make the beverage, which is quite an easy task. Now take a look at the different tea types that would help in losing belly fat and weight.

  • Green Tea

The list had to start with Green tea as even doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, etc. prescribe or suggest people to drink green tea when trying to lose weight and belly fat. Among all options, this is most helpful when trying to lose weight. Substantial scientific evidence is acquired through studies that shows direct link of decreasing body fat and weight.

In a study held in 2008, a group of obese people were chosen for research and their standard diet included drinking for 12 weeks or was given placebo. At the end of the study, it showed that people drinking it lost 7.3 pounds more on average than people from the placebo group. This is due to the fact that this contains catechins, which is a natural antioxidant that boots fat burning and metabolism rate.

  • Assam Black Tea

Assam black cha frequently goes through more oxidation when compared with other types like oolong, white, green, etc. Oxidation refers to chemical reaction that takes place when leaves gets exposed to air that turns it dark, which is why it is black in color when prepared. When trying to control weight, it is considered to be the next best option. A research study showed that people who drink Assam black tea thrice every day are more prone to lose weight as well as reduce their waist circumference than people who drink a caffeine matched beverage.

Many theories have been placed and most experts believe that weight loss by drinking black tea is possible due to flavones present in it. It is a plant pigment that contains antioxidant properties.
Also, studies show that people who intake food or drinks like black that contain high concentration of flavone enjoys adequate BMI (body mass index) than ones that don’t consume it.

  • Oolong Tea

This traditional Chinese tea is partially oxidized and makes it a product between green and black. It has unique flavor and a fruity aroma; however, it depends on oxidation level. It helps in speeding metabolism and increases fat burning process.

In a study where obese or overweight people drank it for six straight weeks were able to shed additional weight and inches. Though more research is required, it is no doubt that this helps in reducing belly fat and extra weight. So, stop waiting and start your oolong tea drinking routine today. All you need is to choose the cha type from the above list and order it online!

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