How Sipping Tea Can Have Therapeutic Effects during Coronavirus Outbreak?

The pandemic disease coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has built a situation of chaos and panic in human lives. Amidst the palpable situation of this pandemic disease, everyone is struggling to keep themselves and their families’ safely.

While the life-threatening disease has restricted human beings to stay inside their houses, it is of equal importance to remain protected. In this context, several safety measures need to be taken by individuals, such as –

  • Cleansing hands frequently.
  • Disinfecting frequently used surfaces.
  • Adopting good sanitary habits and maintaining respiratory hygiene.

Since coronavirus affects the respiratory system severely, it is of the essence to build the immunity system along with the preventive measures mentioned above.

Subsequently, there has been news circulating that drinking tea can prevent coronavirus infection. But what is the authenticity of the report?

Can Drinking Tea Prevent Coronavirus Infections?

Zhejiang Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention claimed to have found through experiments that tea blends rich in polyphenols can work

I. To kill viruses extra-cellularly.
II. To suppress the spread of coronavirus.

Based on this study, they suggested that drinking tea can work in the prevention of coronavirus. However, there are not enough proofs found that supports the claim that drinking tea can prevent coronavirus or its spread.

However, even though the prevention report isn’t certain, drinking tea can have therapeutic effects during this coronavirus outbreak situation.

Do you wonder how?

It is of utmost importance to strengthen your immunity system to fight the COVID-19 infection and survive the contagious disease. It is mostly seen that the coronavirus infection causes severe impact on individuals having a weak immunity system. As a result, the pandemic disease holds extreme threat for old age individuals.

Further, have a look at how tea can help in boosting the immunity system!

How Can Tea Strengthen Your Immunity System?

Several experiments have been made to find out whether drinking tea can have therapeutic effects against the viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc. invading our body. According to research, the polyphenol content present in tea makes it an essential health beverage. Tea helps build the immune system and prevent invading of bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. in the human body.

Further, experiments show that the immune system of individuals drinking tea functions five times faster than those who take regular beverages. Also, these are a few blends which hold most health benefits than its other contemporary blends.

  • Green Tea – Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols makes it the perfect blend that can help in strengthening the immunity system. Make sure not to add milk as it can cause the catechin polyphenols to be ineffective.

Subsequently, at this hour of coronavirus scare, protect yourselves from the pandemic disease by adhering to the specified prevention tips. And what better way to strengthen your immunity system than sipping a cuppa of your favorite beverage – Tea.

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