Quench Your Thirst for Tea with Some Awesome Assam Tea

Assam is one of the largest tea-producing regions in the world. This mountainous state in the northeastern India, also known as the land of Brahmaputra, is one of the most scenic states in India. The state is also a gateway to other Northeastern states also known as Seven Sisters. Oh yes! Speaking of Assam, how can anybody forget the world-famous Assam tea?

In fact, Assam (Along with Darjeeling) is popular for its high-quality tea-gardens which are now developed as tourist destination by the local government. Assam tea is an epitome of the highest quality of tea, manually picked by tea laborers with utmost care. Historically, most of the economy of rural Assam is dependent on tea cultivation and is a means of livelihood for local people. Assam tea has the taste that is unparalleled with any kinds of tea, and that is why it makes it more demanded.

One cup of Assam tea will leave you energetic and refreshed, and you’ll feel the difference in the mood immediately. When the British ruled India, the officers generally made it a point to visit that part of the country just to have the first-hand taste of Assam tea. No wonder people buy Assam tea online in great numbers in the UK, even the generations have not been able to weaken the impact of this esteemed tea.

Assam tea is harvested twice a year from the river basins of Brahmaputra and the regions near the sea-level. The black tea from Assam has gained an epithet of Assam tea because of its unique flavor, strong taste, brisk perception, and bright colored copper. The flavor of the Assam tea is fairly different from other teas found in the world because of the tropical weather. Assam has impeccable weather and conducive environment that is required for growing tea. Hence, the Assam tea is generally the preferred beverages during a quick breakfast or post an afternoon nap. As said earlier, the famed tea gardens of Assam are worth visiting not just for sightseeing the naturally grown tea-plants but also cotton plants. Though Assam tea is synonymous with black tea, the region also produces white & green tea is suitable quantities. Assam tea tastes best when taken with right amount of milk.

Assam tea can be enjoyed in variety of ways. It can be taken with or without adding milk & sugar, depending on the individual preferences. The tea can also be served after adding spices and condiments, known as ‘masala chai’ (spice tea) in Hindi.

Not just taste wise, Assam tea has medical benefits too. Since the tea is cultivated at its perfect climate, it has numerous health benefits which include strong heart, good skin and low hypertension.

We’re sure that after reading this, your craving for Assam tea has gone up. So, you can’t wait to order Assam tea online? You don’t need to book tickets to India for having that awesome tea, just place an order for Assam tea online.

Enjoy reading a book in your lounge while sipping hot Assam tea. No pleasure like that, literally.


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