All you need to know about the amazing White Tea

White tea is one of the most delicate among other tea variants. It is low in caffeine naturally and has a unique aroma and flavour. It gives a beautiful and rich golden colour when brewed. White tea is minimally processed tea that is harvested before the tea leaves are fully opened. Since it is plucked at a budding stage when the tea buds have white hairs, it got its name white tea.

The speciality of the best quality white tea lies in the process of its making. It is handpicked and dried before it gets oxidized unlike the process of black or green tea production. The leaves are allowed to dry in natural sunlight after harvesting. The low oxidation and minimal processing of white tea give it a unique flavour and colour. Also, it is filled with natural properties that benefit your health. It becomes one of the most delicate teas with loaded freshness and flavour.


If we talk about the genesis of white tea, we come to know about the early Chinese era. When the tea culture flourished across the country, at that time, there was a custom that citizens had to pay yearly taxes in the form of the finest tea to their king. And the most unusual quality tea was made from the delicate and unfurled leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant.

This practice encouraged the development of the gardens of imperial tea. So, imperial tea is somewhat considered the earliest form of This tea. On the contrary, that is not so because of the different tea-making processes. As the imperial tea was offered to the king of that time, it was made quite differently, by plucking, steaming then stripping the outer white layer. This white layer was converted into white powder and used as a royal legacy.

White Tea (Types)

These days, White tea is cultivated not only in China but also in other countries. These countries are producing their own version of white tea from different tea plants. You can easily buy this tea in many forms. Some types of white tea are widely known as given below:

Monkey Picked White Tea

The “Monkey-picked” term is used in the context of a popular rumour that it was once picked by Buddhist-trained monkeys in China. It is considered a high-quality Chinese tea that is made from young tea buds.

Bai Mudan (White Peony)

This is a newer variant of this tea that is cultivated in many countries around the world, including China. Bai Mudan can be extracted from white tea plants or perhaps other plants. The process of cultivating it is almost the same as the newer buds from this tea plant are taken to make the perfect and flavorful tea.

Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle)

A real Silver Needle tea is cultivated in the Fujian province of China near identical to the original varieties of China’s white tea plant. They’re made from buds that are relatively large, covered all over with white hairs that give the tea the silver colour. This can be the reason to call it “Silver Needle”.

Darjeeling White Tea

Darjeeling is a region in India, in which this tea is grown. The processing technique resembles that of Fujian teas, but the flavour profile of the Darjeeling White teas is different from the Fujian teas. However, Indian white tea has its own speciality. Well, you can buy this tea online in India today to experience its great taste.

How to prepare White Tea

Whenever you buy this tea online or from a tea vendor, it is good to know about the preparation process. This is because the method of making each tea can also be different. The steeping time and brewing temperature can also differ from each other. Here are some general tips you can follow while preparing this tea.

  • You should start with fresh and normal water to get it to a boil then you can add tea to it.
  • Add tea and cover the vessel while the tea is steeping.
  • The interesting part is that you can steep tea multiple times.
  • White tea can be enjoyed without adding any milk, sugar, or any other flavours because of its delicate and subtle flavour.
  • When you over-steep this tea at one time, it can taste a little bitter and different.

White tea can definitely be included in your daily routine. It has excellent health benefits for your body. White tea is enriched with antioxidant properties that may help you to reduce weight. It decreases the risk of heart problems because the tea is associated with chronic inflammation. Also, it has fluoride that helps to protect your teeth from bacteria. Additionally, this tea may lower the risk of insulin resistance. Surely, white tea is loaded with amazing health benefits.


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