Did you know all Tea comes From the Same Plant?

There are different techniques that are used to produce the best-tasting Halmari tea. In different tea, there are differences in the work done by humans, local weather patterns, and soil selection. These different elements produce different types of tea.

But do you know that all of the teas come from the same plant? Yes, you have read it right. All teas, whether it is Green tea, Black tea, Oolong tea, White tea, or any other tea, is prepared from the Camellia Sinensis plant.  The Halmari Tea Company, which is the best tea company in Assam, is here to give some interesting information on how your favorite flavored tea is produced from the same plant.

Difference processes for different flavors

Production processes make all the differences in creating different types of teas. First, let’s understand the difference between tea and herbal infusion. Tea is what we get from the tea plant, whereas the herbal infusion is the beverage we made from plants and herbs such as chamomile, lavender, lemongrass, rooibos, and osmanthus. 

So, in general, if the tea is more oxidized, then the infusion will also be darker. Green tea and white tea are the least oxidized so their colors are only slightly changed from the leaves and buds on the plant. On the other hand, black tea goes through lengthy and complex processing that involves full oxidation of its leaves. 

The oxidation process of tea leaves is stopped at a particular time, which determines what kind of tea you will get. Less oxidation gives us light-colored tea like white and green teas and more oxidation gives us dark-colored teas like Pu-erh and black teas. In the middle of it, we get oolong’s types of teas that have complex and autumnal flavors.


Before its processing, the tree must be plucked or picked. So, only the buds or small leaves are plucked from the plant to produce the best quality tea. In a particular type of case, only the tip of the tea leaves is plucked, which are fresh, soft, and have a unique aroma. These are called tippy teas and are loved by people in masses.

Withering and steaming

The withering process is important for black, white, and Oolong teas. After picking, these leaves are dried out on bamboo trays or in heated air inside the room if the outside climate is not hot enough. This process reduces the amount of water in the leaves and makes them pliable enough for the next step, which is rolling.

In some cases, such as in green teas, leaves are steamed, pan-fired, or baked instead after the withering process. This process holds moisture in the leaves so that they can stay green.


Do you know how some green, black, and oolong tea leaves get scrunched up? In the older times, it was done by hand. Even today the process of rolling by hand is used to prepare extremely rare, premium-quality teas. But for other types of teas, machines are used to roll the leaves. 

The rolling process breaks down the leaf cell structure and juices and oils get released from them. This results in more uniform oxidation and a more distinctive flavor of the tea.

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Oxidation is a chemical process from which the light and dark colors of tea leaves come. If the leaves are less oxidized, they will be of lighter color and if they are more oxidized, they will be darker. Green tea leaves are the least oxidized and that’s why they give a light color, whereas black tea leaves are the most oxidized which gives the liquid deep crimson-brown color.

Firing or drying

In the last step, the tea leaves are finally dried evenly and cautiously so they get burned. Large ovens or drying machines are used to perform the halt oxidation process and give them their final flavor. 

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Halmari Tea

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