India’s finest tea: The essence of Assam’s Halmari tea

It is said that you haven’t woken up completely if you didn’t sip Assam Tea. If you are a true tea lover you must and should try Assam tea. It is famously also known as Black tea. The strong tea is grown on the rolling plains of the Brahmaputra river and its smooth malty flavor is crafted by the region’s rich loamy soil.

With a history of more than a hundred years, Assam tea has risen to fame, worldwide. British probably did not anticipate that Assam would grow into an enormous tea production state when they decided to start producing their tea in India. Initially, they bought tea from China without knowing that the wild plant was already growing here. Assam’s tropical monsoon climate makes it the most suitable condition for tea production. Assam tea has a robust flavor and a rich, deep amber color. The drink is famous for its rich, full-bodied cup. Assam tea also known as India’s finest tea is an essential ingredient in many Black tea blends that are so popularly sold these days.

Health Benefits of Assam Tea

Whether you call it chai, shay, chur-chur or chaha, we are all hooked on this humble morning beverage, which leaves us collectively addicted. This tea has secured a place within the finest teas of the world. And people from various social backgrounds, cultures and languages start their morning routine with a soulful cup of Assam tea on the table. So why is it the finest tea? Let’s have a detailed look.

Packed with antioxidants

Assam tea other than being one the finest teas of the world is filled with good elements. Several unique plant compounds are found in black teas like Assam, including theaflavins, the arubigins, and catechins. Which function as antioxidants in the body and may help prevent disease. Our body naturally produces a lot of super reactive chemicals that are called free radicals. This antioxidant-packed tea cancels out the negative effects of those free radicals. Hence shielding your cells from damage and reducing inflammation too. For instance, Halmari Tea produces special hand-rolled tea leaves, these are very high in antioxidants.

Energises you

Being the finest tea, one of the best benefits of Assam tea is that it boosts your energy and helps improve mental agility. Most tea drinkers love this, therefore you might notice that they prefer drinking tea in the morning instead of the evening. Drinking this tea in the evening might hinder your sleep. Assam tea like other varieties of black tea contains a significant amount of caffeine. However, the caffeine levels are surely lower than black coffee.

Improves heart health and immune system

Polyphenols are plant-derived chemicals with potential health benefits. According to some studies, black tea’s polyphenolic compounds may lower cholesterol and prevent coronary heart disease & buildup of plaque in blood vessels. Past researches suggest that the polyphenolic compounds in Assam tea may also act as prebiotics in your digestive tract. Drinking this tea is also said to reduce the risk of cancer. However, this an ongoing research and it can not be confirmed completely. Past research has revealed that these polyphenolic compounds also double as prebiotics for your gut. In addition to that, drinking this tea is also suspected to reduce the risk of cancer. Nevertheless, this is ongoing research and cannot be confirmed completely.

Let’s learn to prepare this tea

India’s finest tea is very easy to prepare. All you need is hot water, a mug or a teapot, and some tea. Place a teabag of the finest tea i.e Assam tea in the mug, or you can also use some loose tea in a tea infuser and let it sit at the bottom of the cup. Tea experts believe that to consume full advantage of any black tea it is best to use loose tea leave rather than a teabag. Pour some boiling water into the mug. That’s it! Let the tea brew itself for as long as you desire, to prepare an aromatically delicious cup. To dilute the caffeine you can also add some milk and sugar. It is best to consume Assam tea without added ingredients for optimal health.

Assam tea a.k.a India’s finest tea is so much more than a health drink or a morning drink. It is an asset and a blessing for Assam. We cannot ignore the fact that this tea provides employment to almost every one out of five people in the state. Talking about all the tea brands located there, the Halmari Tea Estate is the best in business and produces quality and excellent Assam tea. Owned by the Daga family, the brand tries to abide by international level safety protocols. Thus offering the best products to both national and international clients.

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