How Much Loose Tea Should You Use?

A warm cup of “chai” can instantly fix your mood no matter how tiring your day was. The right amount of tea leaves comes with the perfect aroma and works wonder at times. And here comes the obvious question, “how much loose tea should be used to make a perfect cup of tea”?

Even though tea has the capacity to help you cope with your mood swings, a little mistake can make it even worse. There are a few minor details you should be aware of if you don’t want to compromise with the taste. However, the most important factor among all of them is the quantity you are using as the tea-water ratio plays a major role. Here is a small guide to help you make your favorite cuppa with ease.

Know The Balance:

Usually you can find the guidelines mentioned on the back of every tea packets that hardly talks about the loose tea quantity, and that is why this confusion still remains. Although, sometimes it depends on the type of tea you are using as flavor is also an important factor here.

As far as the ideal amount is concerned, it should be around 2-2.5g or 1 tablespoon to blend with a cup of hot water. Having said that, there are certain details you need to pay attention to as well which includes the type of loose tea leaves that particular brand consists of.

Quantity Depending Upon The Type Of Tea Leaves:

Mixed Teas: Mixed or blended teas contain thicker herb pieces than the regular ones and increase the tea size as well. Hence, while using them you might need just one teaspoon of it to make a nice cup of tea.

Whole Leaf Teas: Some teas come in whole leafs and have more volume than those which are processed differently. This type of tea too requires a small quantity (1 teaspoon) to relax your mind and boost your energy.

Fine Cut Tea Leaves: This is the type that requires a very limited time to brew. Due to its strong flavor, you might need just one teaspoon to add in eight ounces of water.

Flavored Teas: Over the years, the popularity of flavored tea has grown immensely and most of them generally require a very small amount to do the job. However, you need to decide how long you need to steep it to make the perfect flavorsome cuppa that instantly calms your soul.

As much as the tea size and type influence the taste of your magic drink, there are other factors too which need your consideration. So many things can go wrong and make your tea nothing but a big disappointment, and as a tea-lover you definitely don’t want that.

  • Look out for the temperature. A lot of flavored teas don’t require boiling water, as it hampers the taste as well as the aroma. Use hot water instead.
  • “Steeping” is quite an important process, however, it depends on the tea-type. It is advised to not keep the loose tea leaves for too long as it loses the subtlety.
  • The quality of your tea brand you are using has a lot to do with the taste, so you might need a small amount of it to achieve perfection.

Making a perfect cup of tea is like an art that requires a little bit of knowledge and attention to the details. Even though there are certain guidelines regarding the quantity, in the end it’s your personal preference that matters.

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