How Luxury Tea Companies Come into Existence

Over the span of a thousand years, tea has spread its multi-cultured wings all over the world. The history of tea could be lengthy and complicated. But let us simplify it a little . Tea was introduced as a medicinal drink during the period of the Shang dynasty. It was originated from South West China. Initially, tea was introduced by priests of the Portuguese to the merchants of China in the 16th century. In past years there where hardly any brands in the market, but now there are thousands of tea brand among which over hundreds of them are Luxury tea brands.

Discovery of Tea
There are many stories that justify that the first cup of tea was brewed in BC 2737. The idea of tea was spread from China to all over the world, when the leaves of tea were landed into boiling water which was served to of the renowned Chinese Emperor – Shen Nung. He loved the pleasant smell of the tea and drank some of it.

Mystical Roots of Tea
Tea has a history of over 5,000 years. The history of tea from Japan is even more fantastical. Buddarma, a Buddhist monk from Japan, one day got so afraid that he could keep himself awake while meditating, so he throws his eyelids on the floor. From those eye lids, a tea sprouted up, and gave the world a beverage to keep refreshed.

The Lipton History
No one would have imagined that there would be so many luxury tea brands come with a variety of tea flavours. Every year, 100 billion of drinkers started to drink Lipton tea, the brand developed its own place in the market of tea. It created a huge history when Sir Thomas Lipton in the year 1889, imported tea. He had a dream to make Tea as a major beverage and make it affordable for general people to enjoy it. Soon this dream was accomplished by him and he planned it to expand his business further. He bought many tea fields in the majority of countries to cut middlemen to sell tea. By making tea economical, middle class people could easily afford it.

Revolution of Tea in Boston
The city of Boston has also played a major role in the revolution of tea. When Boston came on board in the year 1773, when the King George III of England introduced the policy of taxes of tea for partial use on America, it caused underground group of the Sons of Liberty. This was to throw a shipment of tea chest in the Boston Harbour water.

No matter where our tea come from, we all love drinking tea.

Tea around the World
Until the year 1687, Dutch dominated trade of tea globally, by British Luxury Tea Companies came into existence and began to import tea worldwide on large commercial scale. The British Royal family, got complete charge and income on trade, chartered the East India Company and granted it a monopoly on all trade throughout Asia and Eastern Africa. The East India Company quickly became the most powerful monopoly the world has ever known – and tea was its primary commodity. They were given the right to acquire territory, coin money, keep armies and forts, punish lawbreakers, form foreign alliances, and even declare war.


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