Healthy Snacks to Compliment Tea

Paring specific types of food with your tea can add new dimensions to your complete dining experience. As a long subject of paring food with wine with different types of cuisines, similarly variety of flavours and aromas found across the world of tea which also offers a unique opportunity around the world.

Find out more about the foods which effortlessly pair up with loose teas. You can match up the food you are offering. We have come with some amazing suggestion which will help you in hosting your won afternoon tea party at your home. So, go ahead, read and find out by yourself about basic food pairing ideas which you can serve up with certain foods.

The Basics of Tea Paring
It is important to understand that why do we pair specific types of foods with drinks. It is just a way in which we use correct seasoning to enhance your products. However, bringing out best flavour of food. Tea is such a versatile drink; it can be paired with a wide variety of foods, from exotic and spicy Asian cuisine, to humble chocolate dessert.

Magic of Black Tea
Black tea has a full and robust flavour, therefore the foods that go best with it should ideally be the same as you don’t want one flavour to dominate the other. Teas such as our Finest High Grown Ceylon and Finest Darjeeling, which have smooth and citrusy flavour, perfectly enhance sweet desserts such as a cheesecake. The flavour of Darjeeling is the perfect complement to a creamy dessert such as trifle or even an éclair; it’s the richness of tea’s flavour and the cream that work so well together.

Amazing flavours of Green Tea
Green tea has a subtle vegetative flavour to it, making it the perfect companion to mild flavoured foods such as seafood, chicken or a stir fry. Our own loose green teas such as Assam Green have a fresh grassy flavour to them which will work well with a sandwich or salmon blini.

Subtle flavours of White Tea
White tea has a light, silky and subtle flavour, if paired with anything too strong, the natural sweetness of the tea might be lost.
A delicate tea such as White Darjeeling and its soft citrus undertones would go well with lightly flavoured foods. It’s ideal for your afternoon tea if you want to keep your snacks light and refreshing. Opt for a cucumber sandwich or sip your white tea before you start to nibble to cleanse the palette and whet your appetite.

The great flavour of Oolong Tea Online
The more complex flavour found in oolong makes it pretty much an all-rounder for finding food to pair it with, if you’re planning to sample a little bit of all the food available at afternoon tea or unsure what your guests will like to eat then Oolong is a safe bet.

Lighter oolongs such as Indonesian Oolong have a wonderfully fragrant and aromatic aroma, to try something a little bit different pair with a salty savoury snack to enjoy the contrast of tastes.


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