Comfort Your Health and Prevent Illness by Sipping Tea This Winter

“Winter is here” indeed! Your cheeks are flushed red from the chill outside and a hot mug of chocolate or coffee seems to be the best choice for you now.

Here’s a thought!

Why not go for the good old tea this winter? As the fragrances of a steaming cup of tea fill your soul, all your stress leaves your mind. Apart from stress relief, having tea this winter comes with a lot of advantages for your health.

Health Benefits of Having Tea during Cold Weather:

Having a sore throat, a headache or catching flu – these are common issues that befall upon all during winter. Since most of the people are out traveling and enjoying the chill, it is imperative that you take necessary preventive measures from falling ill.

Tea can be a Good Remedy! How?

  • Tea contains antioxidants like polyphenol that help in preventing DNA damage.
  • According to scientific studies, black tea works wonder in treating flu. Doctors often advice to gargle twice with black tea extract solution. This increases immunity level of people against such virus.
  • Winter is a season of holidays. You may get worried about the delicacies and desserts you have indulged in! Well, tea has amazing weight reducing capabilities. Regular drinking of tea suppresses your appetite and increases your metabolism.
  • Since tea contains much less quantity of caffeine than coffee, they can be the perfect energy booster during wintry mornings. They will keep you energized and not on edge unlike coffee all day!
  • Tea this winter has another health benefit. Winter months keep you dehydrated. When it is frosty outside, sipping tea will surely keep you hydrated throughout the day.

“Where there’s Tea, there’s hope”!

There are over a hundred varieties of teas that have specific well-being qualities. Two of them are:

  1. Herbal teas like ginger or chamomile teas help in the digestive system. Ginger tea is very helpful for easing pain when you have sore throats.
  2. Oolong Tea helps in burning an additional 80-90 calories per day through regular consumption. They are high in anti-oxidants and shrink fat cells to a certain extent.

Winter proves to be an enduring time of the year. You want to enjoy to your fullest but frequently prey to sickness like fever, throbbing throats and others. Green tea, ginger tea, oolong teas are some of the prominent categories that save the day! So grab a Cup of Tea in Winter and enjoy the chilly days!

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