Best mid-Autumn Festival Gifts Ideas That Make Moments Memorable

It is the mid-autumn season and it is the time of lots of festivals. You might be having different plans on how you are going to spend your time with your loved one, the things you are going to do, and the friends you are going to meet. But there is one area where we find ourselves stuck and get too confused is what festival gifts we can give to our friends and family members.

If you are going through this problem, then you don’t have to worry about it any further. Halmari Tea Company has picked some of the best mid-autumn festival gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones and make your moments memorable. Like you can buy English breakfast tea if that person loves to drink tea in their breakfast.

Festival Gifts Ideas


One thing that everyone is surely going to love is tea. Halmari Tea Company produces the best quality flavored tea such as White tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, Green tea, Silver Needles tea, Masala chai, and peppermint tea bags online.

These teas are not just for refreshment. They also contain plenty of health benefits so, in a way, you are wishing and offering your loved one a healthy and happy life. 

The tea gardens of Halmari tea come in the top 9 best tea gardens in the world. So you can assume what quality of the gift you are giving and how much they are going to appreciate it.

You can get its tea products from physical markets and they are also available in tea stores online. The company also takes all the necessary certifications and measures that ensure that they do no harm to the environment while cultivating and preparing the tea.


If it is a mid-autumn festival gifts, then you cannot ignore the Mooncakes. The only problem with the Mooncakes is deciding which flavor you should be given to which person. There are various Mooncakes brands that prepare exclusive mooncakes that you were always looking to get. In this way, you can decide which type of mooncake you can give to a particular person.

Mooncakes are a very common gift item. However, you can still make them a unique gift by changing their shapes. Generally, they are round, but obviously, you know that the moon is not in a round shape all the time. So, depending on the lunar phase, you can also make your Mooncake in the shape of the moon. They will also look good in the crescent shape.

Fruit basket

Apart from the tea, if you are looking for another healthy gift item, you should consider gifting people fruit baskets. Fruits taste good, everybody likes them and their different colors also make the basket good-looking.

In earlier days, only seasonal fruits that grow in our areas were used to be given in the fruit baskets. However, in today’s times, our supermarkets also keep imported fruits that we can use in the fruit baskets to make them more attractive.


Mid-autumn is also the time when we decorate our houses with lots of beautiful things. Therefore, lanterns are also an excellent option to be given as a gift. For centuries, they have been a part of decorations in Chinese culture. They used them in their festivals, like Chinese New Year. 

Another thing with the lanterns is that you can even make them on your own and give them as a handmade gift. Wouldn’t it be loved by all? There is a unique joy in making those hand-made lanterns. You can choose the colors and decorations that the person you are giving it to, loves.


Wine, especially red wine, is a thing that everyone loves to keep in their house all the time. If we look back in history, we will find that drinking wine is not just a symbol of social events but was also used while enjoying painting, poetry, and other cultural events. 

So, even in the present time, drinking wine with your friends, family, and colleagues and talking about all the good things can be a great experience. It can deepen your connections with them and it will also make good memories.

Now you can easily pick one or multiple ideas to give mid-autumn festival gifts to the people you care about. If you wish them health and happiness, giving them tea would be a great idea. Therefore, Halmari tea company offers you a wide range of high-quality teas that can be given as gifts. 

From us, you can buy golden tips tea, white tea, black tea, green tea, masala chai, and many others that are healthy and delicious.