A Cup of Oolong Tea Brews Nutrition & Health Benefits for You!

Teas are enjoyed all over the world; popular among them being – Green, White, Black and Oolong Tea. While the first 3 are found most households, history tells that Oolong’s origin can be traced way back to the Ming dynasty during mid-1300.

It comes from Camellia sinensis plant’s leaves and is consumed dominantly in Taiwan and China. However, India is not much behind in the race.

Premium Oolong Tea undergoes partial fermentation process meaning that unlike Green Tea or Black Tea, it is oxidized partially. Thus, the tea’s characteristic color and taste become quite unique.

What are the nutritional and health benefits that you may find here?

The Oolong tea shares 2% of world’s tea and is known for its wide nutrition components and health uses. So, how great this tea can be for you?

1. Rich in antioxidants, Oolong has minerals like copper, carotene, selenium, calcium packed with vitamins A, B, C and E. Further, it contains detoxifying alkaloids like folic acids and niacinamide. The tea also provides additional health benefits with its abundant polyphenolic contents. These compounds ease weight loss and slow down obesity improving your skin health.

2. Consumption of this beverage decreases heart attack risks to a large extent. Patients suffering from coronary heart ailment may find this tea greatly advantageous as it stops the spreading of atherosclerosis, a regular factor of heart sickness. Studies show that once a patient starts drinking Oolong on a regular basis, there is significant reduction in the narrowing or hardening of his arteries.

3. Skin care can improve radically if one drinks premium oolong tea each day. Patients who have eczema benefit highly from drinking 3 cups of the beverage on any normal day. They can recover in less than a week’s time showing remarkable results of skin improvement. You can get the best result after 6 months thus being another factor in nutritional benefits of Oolong teas.

4. Interestingly, the antioxidant compound of the tea protects your teeth from decaying early. Furthermore, it improves your bone health by strengthening bone structure, preventing Osteoporosis and promoting a healthy normal growth of your body. People who drink Oolong consistently do not suffer from low bone mineral density. It stimulates the retention capacity of minerals intake.

5. This category of tea prevents cancerous diseases as well. They support lower risk of skin cancer and their polyphenolic content helps in promoting apoptosis in case you suffer from cell cancer growths in your stomach. They stop genotoxic components from getting activated.

6. These nutritional benefits of premium oolong teas can also be seen to work wonders as distressing agents. It decreases your stress level by about 10-18% thus, improving your mental health.

When Oolong becomes your cup of tea!

The item has high nutrient sources packing an intense bunch of Vitamins and micro-nutrients making it a healthy choice for everybody. It serves only 2 calories at one serving and contains iron, calcium, folate and more. Thus, sip away fearlessly, for a cup of premium Oolong tea keeps your worries at bay!


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