6 simple ways to reuse tea bags

Tea is the most popular beverage in the world. In fact, India is one of the top tea producers. If you search Assam tea online in India you are going to find companies like Halmari for the best tea blends. It is enjoyed best when you brew a fresh cup of tea using loose tea leaves or tea bags. Most people choose tea bags over the loose tea. This is because they are easier to store and also simpler to make. You just need to dip the bag in a cup filled with hot water and there you go you have a fresh cup of tea for yourself. There are various tea flavours available in the market. In fact, you can also buy masala chai tea bags and prepare yourself a nice spicy brew. However, we all know that tea bags are not very friendly to the environment. Therefore you should find new ways to reuse them as much as possible. Today we will be discussing six ways to reuse tea bags in an eco-friendly way:

Composting and gardening

Used tea leaves are famous as good compost. Yes, they are very good for your plants. Therefore tea lovers can show some extra care to their kitchen garden by using leftover tea bags as nutritious compost for their potted friends. In fact, you can also add a bit of tulsi leaves to the tea compost to make it more nutritious. On the other hand, you can also use tea bags to add moisture to your plants or to regulate their temperature.

Absorb unwanted smells

Teabags are the best solution to removing odours. You can place some tea bags in your freezer to remove the smell of freezing meat. Or you can also store the bags in your fridge if you keep meals planned for weeks. It also helps in keeping the food in there fresh. You can say goodbye to expensive room fresheners as you can store a couple of tea bags in your room or at the entrance of your house to make it smell fresh. One more advantage is that you can use tea bags as carpet deodorisers too. Sprinkel tea from the tea bags on your rugs and carpets to ward off the smell. You can slip one or two tea bags into your shoes to get rid of the smell.


Teabags are also a pretty constructive solution for your brittle hair. You can use a tea spray or prepare a tea conditioner for your hair. Tea will add that extra shine to your hair. It is very simple, follow your regular hair wash routine and then rinse your hair with some tea water from boiling used tea bags. Used tea bags are the best because they are not that strong and still packed with nutrients. All you need to do is to prepare some boiled water and then infuse your used tea bags in them for a few minutes. Once the water is cool enough you can use it as an after-wash or as a spray. Tea is an organic vitalizer and will make your hair softer providing it with a nice gentle shine.

Revive your clothes

Reusing tea bags is a very good idea. Here’s a great idea to have fun with it. If you want to give your clothes a new twist, use teabags! You can re-use your tea bags to dye your clothes without interacting with chemicals. You just need to follow a few simple steps. Put the used tea bags in a big bucket or a huge pan and add water. Let the tea bags sit in there for some time till you see your desired colour. Then drown the clothes that you wish to dye in the tea-infused water all night and let the rest workout itself. Next morning you need to simply rinse the piece of cloth with cold water or vinegar and you will get a light mousse brown shade.

Soothe soreness

Green tea is good for your skin and body. When you drink green tea in the morning you are very energetic throughout the day and it also helps to detox your skin. Did you know that used green tea bags or even normal tea bags are super useful for your skin? Yes! You can reuse tea bags to soothe your skin. Freeze the tea bags and use them to get rid of dark circles, redness, and puffy eyes. Buy green tea bags online then use them for a great detox and reuse the leftover tea bags to recharge your skin.

Soothe cuts and burns

Preserved frozen tea bags are also good for soothing any cuts or burns. You can even use tea bags to help with sunburn. As tea has cooling properties and if you freeze the bags it becomes easier to use them too.

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