Skin Benefits Of Black Tea

Due to the good mix of caffeine and the type of caffeine that black tea has, it helps against oral viruses which ensure few or no skin infections and blemishes. The tannins look after the skin from the various damaging effects of the environment, perk up the blood flow and combat the bacteria in the body.

Once a tea bag has finished its primary use of being dipped in a hot cuppa, do not throw it away as moist and cool tea bags are one of the best ways to naturally get rid of discomfort caused by skin irritations. Instead, once it has cooled down it can be placed over the eyelids and used as a relaxant as well as a cure for puffiness around the eyes. They can also be used to rub over sunburn and stings/ bites to decrease and to bring out the toxins and reduce any pain or swelling caused.

Drinking black tea regularly helps prevent against premature aging and pimples and helps in reducing wrinkles which are in the early stages of formation. Anyone with skin issues like these can start drinking a cup or two daily for beneficial results.

The extracts from black tea can be safely applied on the skin as a sun block.

The tannins and the polyphenols that are present in black tea help in accelerating the process of skin regeneration.

As tea contains a lot of antioxidants, having a bath in lukewarm water that has been pre-brewed in tea is very good for the skin and also provides a soothing and cooling effect on the body. There are two ways of doing this. One can either fill in loose tea leaves in a cloth and tie around the mouth of the faucet as the tub fills or can use tea bags which can be left in the tub to brew naturally. For an aromatherapy sort of experience, one could choose the scented Jasmine tea or for a soothing and relaxing experience, pre-brewed Chamomile would be the best option.