Lost in History: The Orthodox Tea

It was a time when no one knew about the Tea Bag and now it’s the time when the history of Orthodox Tea has lost its name. A hot and fresh cup of Tea is a perfect start of your day. Tea as a very important herb in our daily life. But, how much we know about it? Tea has a definite space in our daily life. Given many styles and varieties of tea makes it further more difficult for one to buy orthodox tea online.

Learn about orthodox tea

The majority of the 21st century genre does not know about the orthodox tea since the existence of tea bag came into the market. But, what is orthodox tea. It is nothing new to know. Most of you will be thinking that its some type of a traditional tea or religion tea. No, it’s absolutely not.

Tea is produced in two styles around the world. Those are CTC tea and Orthodox tea. By now we hope you might have got some clue about it. Traditionally speaking, orthodox tea is referred to as loose tea leaf which is produced using conventional means. This involves plucking, withering, rolling, oxidising, and then finally drying it. It is the most systematic way of tea production.

The other method of producing tea is CTC, which is referred to as the process in which the leaves of the tea is passed through a long series of rollers which are in the shape of a cylinder. These rollers consist of serrated blades used in crushing and tearing the tea into even liked small shapes.

Production of Orthodox Tea

The main purpose of production of Orthodox Tea was focused on preserving the particular intrinsic worth of leaves. Though the production of Orthodox Tea is very traditional, time consuming, and utilizes a lot of human involvement. The first step of producing the tea involves the process of plucking of leaves from the plant. These leaves are treated with a precise amount of withering, rolling, and oxidized in the end. The process is very length as to maintain the natural flavour of the tea and gain the maximum benefits from it for its use.

Preserving the Flavours of Orthodox Tea

Orthodox Tea is known for having authenticate tea experience. This is because it is one among other tea like Black Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, and Black Tea that are complex and delicate in flavours. These are enough of the reasons, why the tea is highly prized in the word of the tea market.

There are far more benefits of Orthodox Tea than any other tea, especially in regards to health benefits. The other class of tea on the other hand produced generic and very strong flavour, along with a dark liquor type colour which doesn’t like appealing to many of us.

Now you can easily buy orthodox tea online just keeping these few little things in mind. All the hands processed teas and whole leaf teas are Orthodox Tea.

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