How to make authentic Indian masala chai?

Tea is not only a beverage but also a sentiment for most people. In India, we address tea as “chai”. People from different parts of India love to enjoy this famous masala chai every day.

However, every person has a specific fondness for chai and they wish to enjoy it according to their taste. Once, you know the process of making authentic Indian masala chai, you can also make a relaxing cup for yourself.

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Indian tea Ingredients 

Here is a list of ingredients that are required for blending the authenticity of Indian taste into your tea. 

  • Water 
  • Milk 
  • Tea leaves or tea bags 
  • Sugar 
  • Optional spices


Water works as a base for Indian chai. It blends with milk to form the perfect consistency that is required for the tea. The amount of water that can be used to make Indian tea depends upon how many cups of chai are needed. Although, for a rough idea the proportion of water has to be twice that of milk. 


Other than water, milk is something that provides a consistency to the chai after it gets boiled with water. The ratio of milk can vary from person to person as per the taste. For such people who like to have strong tea can use less quantity of milk and for such people who like to have tea with a mild strong taste must go for a half-half ratio ( half water half milk).

Tea leaves/tea bags

The key ingredient that is mandatory for making any type of tea is tea leaves. Tea leaves also have a huge variety and bring hundreds of flavors to enhance the taste of people.

Talking about India specifically, people love to enjoy Indian masala tea and black tea.

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Sugar is needed to bring a little sweetness to this beverage. The quantity of sugar depends upon the taste and the number of people the tea will be served to. 

Optional spices

To add an authentic touch, Indians often add spices like cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, fennel, and clove.

Some even add ginger, tulsi leaves, and lemongrass. These additional spices, leaves, and ginger tend to add more nutritional value and taste to the tea.

Process of making perfect Indian tea

Below are the steps mentioned that are used in making Indian tea. 

  1. Add water into a saucepan and add milk to it. Once both things heat up add the tea leaves and let them steer up. 
  2. Once the ingredients get boiled it is time to put in some spices like cardamom, cinnamon stick, lemongrass, etc.
  3. Do not over-boil any ingredient including the tea leaves otherwise it may turn out to be soggy and dry and will taste bitter. 
  4. Once the chai gets cooked, serve it in cups and add sugar as per the requirements of everyone. 

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Which milk is best for making Indian masala tea? 

For those who are still unable to figure out which type of milk is perfect for making tea, below is written information that might help you for the same. 

  • Plain cow milk is said to be one of the best ways to make tea at home. It perfectly blends with other ingredients and gives the perfect cup of chai!
  • Not everyone is getting pure cow milk every day. For such people, powdered milk or a milk sachet will also work. 
  • Some people often prefer to add soy milk or coconut milk but that is not very common in India. 

Why is masala chai popular in India?

The popularity of chai in India can be attributed to the British whose unwavering love for tea made them establish proper tea plantations in our country.

Before the arrival of the British, tea plants were found only in Assam but whether they were used for beverages like their neighbors in China is little known. It is the British that popularised tea throughout the country, and ever since, it has become a household favorite in both India and England.

Chai is served as a welcome drink in most parts of the country. This easy-to-make beverage tastes good when mixed with milk and other ingredients. The habit of consuming tea in the evening with snacks also resulted in its massive popularity.

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