Difference between Orthodox tea and CTC Tea

You may not have been familiar with the terms Orthodox and CTC Tea, especially in the world of tea. But, at the end of this write-up, you will surely understand. Let’s have a quick roundup of these two different kinds of teas.

What is Orthodox tea?

Orthodox tea refers to a traditional method of tea production. You can make it with your hands or a machine. Orthodox style tea-making process resembles the natural way. This includes plucking leaves, withering, and rolling, along with oxidation and drying. These steps are important for turning leaves into an intense dark color.

The orthodox black tea-making method mostly refers to providing loose tea leaves. In addition, it is a flexible method that can impact wonderful tastes. Hence, orthodox tea production focuses on preserving every single virtue of tea leaves. However, it is time-consuming and needs a large number of human resources.  

What is CTC tea?

CTC, i.e. crush, tear, and curl, is a popular method of making tea in large quantities. The leaves are fully oxidized and machine-processed which can be less expensive than orthodox tea. The processing style is more advanced in CTC teas.

It is a different process that is performed rapidly. In this method, tea leaves pass through a cylindrical roller with saw-edged blades to crush, tear and curl tea leaves beautifully. This method was evolved in order to save time. CTC is a quite popular tea form, especially in the Indian market. 

The difference between Orthodox and CTC tea

Some factors include shape, taste, and style differences between the two. However, these teas are made from the Camellia Sinensis plant but the flavour profile differs due to the production style. You can see the difference If you buy orthodox tea and CTC tea. Let’s understand it in detail.

The shape and size

The shape is an important factor that one can identify both the teas because of their not-so-similar shape. It is crushed and turned into crumbled and tiny balls-like shapes. Also, the process is faster and tends to provide a similar taste every time. CTC is in demand in both ways as loose or in tea bags. It becomes convenient for consumers to use tea bags in comparison to loose tea. So, you can buy CTC tea online or from a local vendor as loose tea or tea bags.

Whereas, the authenticity of orthodox tea lies in preserving its shape. The leaves are dried and kept withered to maintain the wholeness of the leaf. These leaves hold their original long structure. So, by looking at both the teas, you can differentiate between the two because of their shape and size. 

The flavor profile

By contrast, CTC takes less time to steep and gives a bold and inclusive taste. CTC teas are good for the cravings for masala chai by using tea bags. You add milk, sugar, and some other addition to make it of your choice. CTC is fast infusing this is why it is an ideal choice for the tea bags industry. 

While talking about the flavor of orthodox tea, we find that it has a bright and brisk taste that gives you the best experience. Orthodox tea is consumed independently for infusing the burst of freshness. Sometimes, you can add lemon to enhance its flavor. Orthodox tea is known for its certain flavors. You can get exposure to this delicacy and buy orthodox tea online.

The Processing

CTC (crush, tear and curl) refers to an advanced method of tea processing. When the tea leaves are allowed to be put into a cylindrical-shaped roller that brings this process to an end. Without steeping it for a long time, you get a diverse range of tastes in one cup.

And orthodox tea making holds a traditional style that is plucking, withering, and rolling along with oxidation and drying. However, the process requires human intervention and can be time-consuming. On the other hand, It is handled with great care and attention, and trained tea professionals choose the best quality tea leaves.

Whether it is CTC or orthodox tea, both serve their purpose to their consumers. Tea is the second most loved beverage in the world. The increasing popularity demands some variations. Hence, the different teas are no less than a treat for tea lovers. If you want to taste a pure form of the tea plant, you can have orthodox tea. And when it comes to the taste variations, what can be better than CTC tea? It allows you to make it as you want. 

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