How long one should brew green tea for health benefits

All of us have tried brewing green tea at least once in life either by choice or when everyone is having it. Green tea has become very popular nowadays because the youth have been indulging themselves in tea. Tea was very popular amongst the Indians but the youth was more inclined towards coffee. However, after the pandemic people have been considering the health benefits of tea. When it comes to green tea we often relate it to weight loss. It is important to know that green tea has more health benefits. Now that green tea is very easily accessible it has gained popularity. You can easily order green tea bags online and enjoy a cup. When it comes to the health benefits of green tea we often think about weight loss. Green tea is packed with protective polyphenols. These polyphenols contribute to a balanced diet and protect your immune system. We have curated a list of health benefits you get from green tea.

Green tea health benefits

Weight loss

This is the most talked-about benefit of green tea. Green tea involves properties that boost your metabolism and induce fat burning. Basically, green tea is a catalyst for your weight loss journey. Drinking lemon green tea more than twice a day will definitely get you the desired results. Order lemon green tea bags online right now to kick start your journey.

Improves skin inflammations

Green tea is packed with plant-based properties. You can sip it or even use the tea bags or reuse the tea leaves as a face pack or scrub to help with your skin. You can mix other ingredients like yogurt and apply them to your skin to enhance the results. Green tea is not only soothing for your internal organs but very calming for your skin too.

Good for heart

As we mentioned earlier, green tea has protective polyphenols. These properties help with a better metabolism rate. This tea helps with cholesterol management which further regulates your heart health. Green tea is filled with antioxidants that will help you keep your heart younger. These days it is extremely important to maintain good heart health. Therefore, people should buy green tea as loose tea leaves or tea bags. Sipping some green tea and light exercise will always help your heart stay stronger.

Boosts brain functions

We know green tea as a weight-loss stimulus but it is also great to stimulate your brain. Yes, the research says that green tea is filled with all-natural stimulants and low levels of caffeine that further help with boosting your brain function. It helps you to stay alert at all times and induces concentration. In this distracting world, we surely need tea to stay focussed on our goals.

Helps with blood sugar control

The studies suggest that green tea is very beneficial to maintaining your blood sugar levels. It improves your body’s insulin sensitivity which further results in controlling the blood sugar.

How to brew green tea for health benefits

Green teas are very simple to prepare. But in order to extract all the possible health benefits from it, it is better if you know how to prepare green tea properly. Ideally, you are supposed to brew green tea for 3 minutes. Green tea is very famous in China and Japan. They have a variety of green teas and each tea has a special preparation process. Today we will learn how to prepare green tea for the best health benefits. You need to follow four steps to brew a cup of flavourful green tea:

Choose your green tea and lay out the tools

It is important to choose which form of green tea you want to consume. It can be tea bags or loose tea leaves. If it’s tea bags then you simply need to follow the instructions given on the pack. If you choose loose tea leaves, you need to also use tools like a tea strainer or a tea infuser to contain the leaves.

Heat or boil some water

Next, you need to boil or heat some water according to your desire. We recommend using lower temperatures than boiling water to avoid the bitter taste. This heated water will be your base to brew the tea. The right temperatures will bring out the best flavor and the leaves will open better to provide the health benefits

Steep the tea

Next, you need to steep the tea. Pour the hot water into a cup and dip your tea bags or tea infuser to brew the tea. The ideal time to brew is 3 minutes.

Season it or add flavours

This is an optional step. If you wish you can add some flavor to your green tea. For instance, sweeten it with honey or add a few drops of lemon. Anything to enhance the tea. You can simply buy green tea bags that already have flavors infused in them to avoid the hassle.

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