Fun and Surprising: Chamomile Tea is Indeed a Pandora’s Box!

VERSATILE! That’s one word which best describes the magic of Chamomile brews. Want to know some intriguing facts about the delectable Chamomile tea?.

Well, going beyond the known and conventional benefits, learn how mysterious your Flavored Chamomile Tea can be!  Fire away!

  • The English and the German versions of Chamomile have been commonly utilized for medicinal purposes. Though similar in tenure, the oil extracted from its German grade is known to be more effective when used in medicinal shampoos and cosmetics.
  • Did you know the exotic Chamomile blossoms are the National flowers of Russia? The everyday morning cuppa you sip in actually roots from a heritage flower!
  • Azulene, oil extracted from Chamomile flowers, possesses naturally dark blue hues. This oil, when added in cosmetics, acts as a natural colorant and is also known for its impeccable soothing properties.
  • The herb is one of the oldest in the world, used in Ancient Egyptian civilization for centuries. Egyptian culture called it the magical herb healing health issues diligently. They also used it to mummify the dead and cure illness as a part of their religion.
  • Chamomile Tea acts as a natural sleep remedy. Many medical experts recommend this brew to patients who have insomnia. Also, consuming a cup of this brew before going to bed gives you healthy and sound sleep, relaxing your mind after a long tiring day!
  • In the middle-age, the Anglo-Saxons gratified Chamomile as one of the sacred 9 herbs of the world. Since then, this herb has been widely used all over the world as a form of alternative medication to treat health issues.
  • The brew works magic on numerous skin complexities like eczema and psoriasis. Healing minor cuts and wounds really fast is one of its many perks. Rashes, acne and tan get removed quickly if one applies its cooled tea bags at the end of the day.
  • Women suffering from menstrual cramps can easily sip in a cup of this beverage daily during those days of discomfort and pain. Soothing the cramps, it also supports a healthy period cycle. Drinking 3 cups a day can help one feel better during this time.
  • The tea contains Bisabol, a chemical compound that helps to have healthy digestion. This particular compound provides relief to the intestine’s muscular linings.

The Wonder that Chamomile Tea is!

Soothing and relaxing your nerves, this grade of tea does prove tremendously helpful if consumed on a regular basis. In fact, doctors also suggest consuming it during pregnancy as it is herbal in nature. Since its inception, it has surprised with its powerhouse of properties. Try this delicate brew so that you experience its exquisiteness!


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