Does drinking Oolong tea at night keep you awake?

What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea distinguishes itself from traditional black or green tea. It is basically a traditional Chinese tea that has its own category. This tea is made from Camellia sinensis plant leaves by partial oxidation. If we compare the oxidation of Black and Green tea; the first one gives intense dark colour and malty aroma because of its full oxidation and the latter one is too low-oxidized. Whereas Oolong tea falls in between the two due to the low-oxidation process. However, the levels of oxidation may vary due to the different making processes. This is the reason that the flavour profile of Oolong tea sometimes leans toward that of Black or Green tea. 

However, the taste of oolong tea also differs on how much you brew it. Whether you buy loose tea or oolong tea bags online, the recipe of tea may affect the taste and colour it.

Oolong tea health benefits

Oolong tea serves multiple benefits for your health. It contains minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants along with L-theanine and caffeine. The tea has it all to kick-start your day. And the interesting thing is that we can now buy Oolong tea online in India to avail of several health benefits. But wait, what are these benefits? Let’s find out in detail.

May protect against Diabetes

Oolong tea may help to improve insulin resistance in your body. It may help to save you against diabetes and its complications. Along with all these healthy properties, this tea also may decrease the effect of inflammation in your body

Several studies have found that having this tea regularly may work to manage blood sugar levels and decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Oolong tea online availability makes daily consumption much easier for you. However, not each study suggests consummation on a daily basis.

Helps reduce weight

Regular tea consumption is linked with weight loss, as tea has the goodness of bioactive compounds and antioxidants that work to reduce body fat. When it comes to Oolong tea, it helps to increase fat oxidation in your body. 

The benefits do not end here. Some studies say that oolong tea has the ability to burn calories while on rest. However, along with having tea, one should consider adopting other necessary steps to lose weight. The effect of tea may vary from person to person due to the different behaviour and underlying conditions. 


May good for heart health

Some studies suggest that having tea daily may help to reduce the level of cholesterol and blood pressure. The present antioxidants in tea help to do that. The nutrients in oolong tea work to maintain heart health. A conducted research in 2003 found that people who have 3-4 cups of tea per day have a lower risk of heart disease in comparison to those who do not have it. 

However, some studies also agree that tea can not be considered a medicated solution. The effect may also vary due to different bodily conditions, choices and behaviours. 

May improve brain function

Several components present in tea help to release important hormones like dopamine from our brain. Tea helps to maintain brain function and boosts the ability of your memory. Moreover, it is good to change your mood and also works to provide you relief. 

Some research says that drinking tea whether it is green, black or oolong tea, may help to improve your cognitive energy and ability. However, a few studies deny this fact.


May promote bone health

This tea works to promote teeth and bone health in your body. It is found in research that people who have oolong or green tea on a regular basis for a long period, have higher bone mineral density. That too helps to reduce the risk of fracture. 


It is also good for teeth health as oolong tea works against plaque and gingivitis. However, a direct link between bone health and tea is not discovered. 


Side effects (Does Oolong Tea affect your sleep)

Oolong tea has been taken as a daily beverage for hundreds of years. In general, it is safe to consume. However, there may be some consequences if consumed in excess. some researchers think that it may affect your sleep. It may happen because of the caffeine content in it. A cup of oolong tea contains about 38 mg of caffeine. It works by stimulating the heart, muscle and central nervous system. It may cause a delay in your body clock that reduce total sleep time. Also, caffeine may detract from the deep sleep you take.

Drinking about 4 cups daily is mostly safe for people. So, excess consumption may affect your sleep. however, this tea provides relief and lets you feel stress-free when used in a moderate way. 

In spite of having some cons, A nice cup of Oolong tea can rejuvenate you inside out. All this happens because it is made with unique artisanal shaping techniques. When a tea master traditionally rolls, twists, and converts tea into long strands or curled balls. Well, Halmari Tea does exactly what you expect. It brings high-quality and hand-rolled premium oolong tea for you to enjoy. You can buy oolong tea bags or loose tea by Halmari and experience the authenticity of Assam anytime, anywhere.