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Tea is considered the most-consumed beverage in the world. It is made from the leaves of the camellia Sinensis plant. There are two variants of this plant. The small-leaved ones are known as the China plant and the large-leaved ones are known as the Assam plant. Based on these two variants, people buy different varieties of tea. This includes green tea, black tea, white tea, and oolong tea.

Of these four types of tea, the lesser-known one is oolong tea. According to statistics, only 2% of tea consumption accounts for this tea.

Despite its less popularity, this tea has many benefits. If you are a tea connoisseur, buy oolong tea online from Halmari Tea Store. Halmari is popular as a manufacturer of the most authentic tea blends in India. Without further ado, let’s find out more about this tea in the following sections. 

What is oolong tea?

Oolong is a tea that is popular in the regions of Taiwan and China. In most Asian countries, consuming tea is a part of their culture and social meets. Often people meet over tea for a formal meeting or an informal gathering. Though the four varieties of “true” tea are derived from the same plant, the process of making those teas are different.

When it comes to this tea, the leaves are partially oxidized, which makes it different from black tea. Also, the antioxidant content in tea is lesser than that of green tea, which is rich in catechins. However, the amount of caffeine in both oolong and green tea is similar. 

What is the taste of oolong tea?

As mentioned in the previous section, this tea is partially-oxidised. It is for this reason that its taste changes. If this tea is brewed for less amount time, it would show a light colour. The taste of the light oolong will be sweet, fresh and floral. However, if the tea is more brewed, the colour will appear to be dark with a grassy or mellow flavour.

In addition, there are other oolong tea variants which can be woody, fruity or nutty. If you are willing to buy oolong tea, depending on your taste palette you can choose a pack of the same from Halmari Tea. 

Oolong tea: types

There are 5 varieties of oolong tea.

  1. Wuyi Oolong Tea: It is basically the darker variant of oolong. Due to its high oxidation process, the tea has a smoky, sharp and deep flavour.
  2. Iron Goddess of Mercy: This oolong grows in the mountain area of China’s Fujian Province. The “iron” in the tea’s name denotes the laborious process of tea making. The taste of this tea is light, airy and floral. 
  3. Phoenix Tea: Produced in Southern China’s Guangdong Province, this tea is one of the best oolong teas. This tea is popular for its aroma and natural flavours. 
  4. Milk tea: This tea is grown at a lower altitude and it is creamy in texture and tastes sweet. Among all other oolong teas, this one tastes the most unique. 
  5. High mountain oolong tea: From its name, everyone can make a guess. The tea grows in Central Taiwan’s high mountains. This tea is usually less oxidised, which resembles green tea. The processing of this tea makes it light, floral and crisp to taste. 

Oolong tea: health benefits

There are various benefits of consuming oolong tea. 

  • Owing to its antioxidants, oolong tea improves blood sugar, decreases inflammation and relaxes insulin resistance. 
  • Like every tea, oolong also contains fluoride. This helps prevent cavities and fights against gingivitis and plague. 
  • Consumption of this tea increases the number of good bacteria in the digestive system leading to weight loss. Thus, it helps in decreasing body fat. 
  • To improve heart health, you can buy oolong tea online in India as it reduces high blood pressure. And this eventually lowers the risk of a heart attack. 
  • Oolong tea is rich in caffeine that contains dopamine and norepinephrine hormones. These hormones are responsible for attention, brain function and mood. So, the consumption of this tea can improve brain function overall. 
  • There are several studies that have stated that the polyphenols and antioxidants in this tea help decrease cancer cell division and prevent cancer cell mutations.

Why choose Halmari’s gold oolong tea? 

Halmari has an expansive tea estate in Assam’s Dibrugarh region. The company is known for its 100 years of legacy of delivering flavoursome tea leaves. Halmari’s oolong type of tea is also one of the best-selling tea leaves in the market. The company handpicks tea leaves to keep their natural essence intact. So, in terms of authenticity and flavour, Halmari Tea is a trusted choice. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you with different aspects of oolong tea. So, if you are willing to buy traditional Chinese oolong tea, buy premium oolong tea from Halmari Tea Store.