5 Best Teas to Revitalize Yourself this Autumn Season

The first refreshing sip of hot tea is the perfect start to an autumn morning. Nothing beats losing yourself in the blissful warmth of your sweater as you hold one of your favorite cup of teas for autumn.
Apart from adding a magical touch to the season, tea has excellent medicinal values. The perfect blend of heaven and health!
This autumn season, soothe your taste buds and boost your immunity. Indulge yourself in our the best selection of tea for a flavourful fall.

1. Halmari Gold Hand Rolled Oolong Tea

This hand-rolled premium oolong tea gives a sweet yet mellow taste on brewing. Its enticing aroma instantly heightens your senses giving a much-needed jolt of freshness to start off your day. Moreover, studies show that oolong increases metabolism and promotes healthy skin. Quite a catch for both tea lovers and fitness enthusiasts!
Carefully plucked in early summer, this tea is further processed using traditional methods of tea-making. Both loose tea leaves and bags are available for your purchase.
Needless to say, this fine blend can be the indispensable remedy for the upcoming chilly winters as well.

2. Halmari Gold White Tea

Much like our Oolong tea, this type has a delicate taste that is again quite appealing to the taste buds. On brewing, it becomes light gold in color and has a floral fragrance. Due to its subtle flavor, it is best complemented when served with light snacks.
The low caffeine content of this tea makes it a favorable choice for consumption at any time of the day.
The specialty of white tea is that it involves minimal processing. Hence, it retains most of the essential antioxidants. Quite evidently, this tea has many health benefits.
Despite its mellow taste, many people grow a fondness for this beverage. However, you will definitely fall in love with our silver needle white tea once you give it a try.

3. Halmari Gold Green Tea

Green tea has been the go-to drink for people who are actively involved with health and fitness. It is rich in “Catechins” (antioxidants) that have helped improve heart disease, aid in fat loss, and positively affect skin health. Just like White tea, this tea involves limited processing for tea-making.
The nourishment values aside, the earthy aroma of the tea adds to its herbaceous taste. You can add a few drops of lemon for some zing or a dollop of honey to add a sweet touch to it. However, you don’t need any condiments to enjoy the teas for Autumn season.

4. Halmari Gold Orthodox Tea

This unique blend of fine tea leaves are freshly plucked at the onset of summer and oxidized to form black tea. It involves an orthodox production process in the age-old large tea estate in Assam. These methods enhance the rich malty flavor of the beverage.
The deeply rolled tea leaves with a sprinkle of golden tips give the beverage a depth of smell and a distinctive taste. You can further bring out the rich flavor by adding a little milk and a sprinkle of spices of your choice. You can avail of our online services to buy these as loose tea leaves or as bags. It’s time to stock up!

5. Halmari Gold CTC (English Breakfast)

Milk tea is quite popular amongst many people. Their love for the scrumptious and creamy texture of this beverage will be deeply satiated by Halmari Gold CTC. The granular and chocolatey leaves turn into a bright golden elixir with a heady aroma. Even a slight whiff of the mouth-watering beverage is enough to brighten up the cool autumn mornings. This is one of the perfect teas for Autumn season, with your favorite book, all set for a much-
needed leisure time.
Visit our website to have your pick of tea for a revitalizing experience this autumn season.

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