Reuse White Tea Bags: Know the Ways!

Tea is the second most favored beverage all over the world second only to water. Tea-lovers all from across the world opt for it due to the freshness that it imparts. Following this, the tea companies have introduced a number of varieties and flavors of tea. One of them is white tea bags. The characteristic feature of white tea is its flavor – subtle and not overpowering.

Why Should You Try White Tea?

Subtle taste is not the only advantage offered by white tea. The health benefits offered by it also contribute to its popularity:

  • The fluoride present in it protects your teeth from harmful bacteria.
  • The anti-oxidants present in it prevent cancer.
  • Catechins found in white tea protect the sipper against osteoporosis.

The Convenient ‘Tea Bags’ and their Reuses

The tea bags came into existence for the convenience they offer. The desired strength of tea can be obtained with a difference in the dipping time. But again, that’s not the only utility. Used white tea bags can be used for diverse purposes too. Have a look!

The Reuses:

1. Dark Under-Eyes –

Dark circles and puffiness are the by-products of hectic lives led by almost all. Applying used tea bags over your eyes can help you get rid of the same.

2. An extra Zest for your Palate –

Adding old tea bags to boiling water and using that water to cook chicken, grains or pasta adds on to the spiciness of the food.

3. As a Dye –

The used tea bags can be utilized as dyes for hair, fabric, and paper.

4. Mouth Freshener –

In case you are suffering from a case of incurable bad breath, you can always opt to brew tea from the use of tea bags and swish it in your mouth like a mouth washer. This will help you to get rid of the onion-cum-garlic odour.

5. Refurbishing Wood Surfaces –

Wood furniture actually tends to be discolored due to regular usage. The charges to get it retouched are comparatively more than DIY tricks of dampening old tea bags and rubbing them over discolored spots.

6. Drive ‘Jerry’ out of your House –

Have an unwanted guest in your house? Not people of course!!! A family of mice resting peacefully in hidden corners?

Well, mice do not really have the taste for tea. They are unsocial that way. So, have your sip of mellow white tea and then leave those tea bags around their road map. They will pack their bags soon!

7. Getting Rid of Smelly Feet –

Know anyone with smelly feet?

Well, gift them a pack of enriching white tea bags. It will cater to their subtle palate, and in case they get the tip, they can reuse those bags by putting them in their shoes. They can also opt to soak their feet in water with old tea bags.

So, sip and reuse – let the Earth’s ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ motto be simple but effective.
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Here is to greener earth! (clinks of mugs dipped with white tea bags).

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