Make Your Green Tea Cup More Inviting with These Recipes!

For ages, green tea has served people with its health and refreshing benefits. More than anything else, people prefer it today for its metabolism-boosting and antioxidant properties.

Well, it’s time you brought in some changes and looked beyond the basic hot and cold options to experiment with various delectable herbal refreshments. You can consume your favorite cup of brew in many different styles and flavors. All you need is some tweaking in how you made the brew until now, to add in zing and a punch of garden-fresh ingredients for invigorating aroma.

Pamper Yourself with these Mouth-Watering Green Tea Recipes:

Green Mint and Ginger Tea –

Spearmint, when used in tea, is known to ease digestion. It also freshens up the mind with a strong flavor. So, toss in some freshly-plucked mint leaves while you are brewing your cup of green delight. Boil for two minutes and strain. Add a spoon full of honey and enjoy the sweetness it offers.


Iced Mint & Citrus Tea –

For a tangy touch to your regular green tea, you can go for the iced mint & citrus option. All you have to do is add the tea bags to boiling water and throw in some mint leaves along with a medium-sized orange slice. Let it simmer for two minutes, strain and let cool. Put some ice cubes and treat yourself with this ultra-strong, piquant beverage.


Mint-Chamomile Tea –

The mint-chamomile tea would be great if you add in the herbs to jasmine with green tea-leaves for a sweet, aromatic floral brew. So, add in mint leaves and chamomile petals to the boiling tea. Simmer for a few minutes and strain in your favorite mug. Relish the aroma that emanates and sip slowly.


Rose Petals Infused Tea –

A mix of green tea-leaves and rose petals gives out a soothing floral fragrance. To make it, boil a cup of water and add some hand-rolled tea leaves. Let it simmer for a minute. When the water takes up the tea’s translucent green hue, add 4-5 rose petals and simmer again for two minutes.

Add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten the beverage. Fill in your evenings with the delectable aroma of this tea and sip with contentment.


Iced Raspberry Tea –

An iced raspberry green tea is intriguingly fruity and tart. Follow these steps to perfect the art of making this tea. Freeze the raspberry pulp a night before you plan to make it. Brew some green tea-leaves the next morning, strain and let cool. Now, add the raspberry ice cubes and let it melt. To add a decorative charm, set a lime slice on the cup.

With these recipes, you can brew your tea with perfection. Sip or serve to relish and savor!

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