Learn about Some Unbeatable Indian Masala Chai Recipes

Masala chai is one of the most-preferred traditional drinks in India. Tea lovers in this nation are die-hard fans of different types of Indian masala chai preparations. They take it every day to treat their taste buds and stay healthy. This beverage is refreshing and boosts a person’s energy to a great extent. Black tea has many health benefits that people are familiar with. However, the brewing masters in India thought of spicing up the ordinary black tea by adding some delicious spices. These spices include basil, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, dried rosebuds, cloves, pepper, and other healthy herbs. All these spices have increased the medicinal value of ordinary black tea many-fold times.

You have plenty of choices for spices while preparing a cup of masala chai. Therefore, you can also get uncountable options for recipes for this delicious beverage. This article will describe some of the best masala chai recipes that you can never get bored of. So, if you want to taste these beverages, buy Indian masala chai online from a reliable site.

Vegan Spice Mix

This is the perfect recipe for vegetarians since it contains noting derived from animals. At first, add black tea leaves to boiling water and then wait till the liquor comes out. Put two cinnamon sticks, ten cardamom pods, twenty black peppercorns, half of the nutmeg, one teaspoon fennel seeds, and three cloves to the liquor. Stir the mixture for one or two minutes, and you are ready to serve the tasty masala chai. You can add some rock salt and sugar to enhance the taste of the beverage.

Simple Masala Chai

After a tiring day at work, people hardly have some energy left to treat themselves to masala chai. However, this simplified version does not require much hard work, and you can prepare it with a few ingredients. Add three teaspoon black tea leaves, one tablespoon ground cardamom, two cinnamon sticks, and half teaspoon ground black pepper to boiling water.

You can also add some saffron strands to it if you want to get a fantastic flavor from the masala chai. Cook the beverage on low heat for 25 to 30 minutes to get the best taste out of it. Finally, strain the tea and enjoy one of the easiest recipes of Indian masala chai. You can also buy Indian masala chai online and get the ready-made mix for this recipe.

Strong Winter Special Chai

Winters demand a cup of hot masala chai in the evening to relax the mind and body. Therefore, Kadak winter special tea is a must in December, January, and February. Add a small amount of black tea leaves, one teaspoon turmeric powder, a few Tulsi leaves, three cinnamon sticks, and a quarter teaspoon of black pepper powder to boiling water.

Mix all the spices well and boil the beverage for a few minutes. Your winter special masala chai is ready to serve. This recipe can spice up the chatting sessions in the winter afternoons. Additionally, turmeric, Tulsi leaves, and cinnamon can heal cough and cold. Therefore, this masala chai version is an excellent drink for the chilling winters.

Ginger Special

Ginger has many health benefits making it a staple in almost all recipes of the Indian masala chai. The ginger special masala chai is easy to prepare if you buy Indian masala chai online. Readymade mixes contain all the spices in the correct form and proportion. However, if you want to prepare it yourself, read the recipe here. Add five teaspoons of dry ginger powder, four teaspoons of green cardamom, a few cloves, two cinnamon sticks, and some basil leaves to the water. You can use lemongrass in this recipe if it is available at home. This recipe is highly refreshing and is very good for human health.

These are the favorite Indian masala chai recipes for tea lovers who dare to try something unusual. You can buy Indian masala chai online and prepare anyone of them at home.

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