Why Getting Handpicked White Tea is like Finding Needle in Haystack?

With time the demand for white tea is increasing but it is difficult to get your hands on it if you don’t know where to order it from. Getting handpicked white tea is like a needle in a haystack kind of a situation. If you are looking for a supreme quality product, then you can simply choose to buy white tea online in the USA. However, the question remains, as to why it is like a needle in a haystack when it comes to getting handpicked cha. Well, to know about this, you will have to know about where it comes from and a few other details related to it.

Origin and Production of White Tea

White tea’s origin is unknown until date because nobody agrees as to who precisely was responsible for coming up with this ideal of cha or when it happened. According to historians, sometime in 1800s it was created and that is what most people know until now. However, it is grown in Fujian province in China meaning that it was entirely the Chinese who developed it in the first place. Also, most boxes ordered will be coming from there if you buy white tea online in the USA.

The geographic location of Fujian province makes it ideally suitable for growing all types of tea and that includes white tea. From a humid, warm environment to mountainous areas with sea borders, it is ideal to grow teas. However, a few other countries have developed premium quality white tea in the last few decades, such as Taiwan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Finding superior quality handpicked cha is like finding needle in a haystack because it is produced only in the above-mentioned places. However, due to high demand of cha, it is difficult to get the best product from the market always. With low production and high demand makes finding quality handpicked cha same as finding needle in a haystack. If you are looking to get your hands on some, always choose to buy white tea online for best available product.

Have a look at the reasons as to why getting handpicked white tea is like needle in a haystack in detail!

  • Production of White Tea

If an individual is looking to get handpicked white tea, he/she might not get the best product due to the fact that no one in the world really agrees when it comes to knowing about the person or people that cause up with this idea of tea in the first place. Moreover, it is still uncertain as to when cha came into existence and under what circumstances.

Without narrowing down these facts, people would not know about the precise method of creating white tea. However, there are some standard aspects/points are there which every manufacturer follows, which is still not enough to always comes across ultimate handpicked cha as development of white tea differs.

  • Massive Demand

Another reason for getting handpicked white tea is like finding needle in haystack is due to the massive demand of cha globally. As mentioned earlier, it is made in just a few countries like Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal; it means that more number of cha drinkers are present than what is always produced. Hence, you might miss out on the premium handpicked cha sometimes due to the colossal demand it has among the tea drinkers worldwide. However, one sure shot way to ensure that you get your hands on high-quality products always is to buy white tea online in the USA.

These are the reasons as to why it seems like finding a needle in the haystack when it comes to finding premium quality handpicked white tea. Though it might seem difficult to acquire it at first once your order it online, you will never leave drinking it. It is one of the most flavored teas that you will every taste.


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