Five Things You Should Know About Tea

There are number of misconceptions about Tea which you can hear over again and again. The majority of times its media who is spreading such myths in the market to make people conscious about tea. So many tea drinkers are misled and forced to quit drinking tea. In this article, we will discuss five myths that have been misguiding people.

1.Loose leaves of tea are hard to make
It’s a biggest misconception that people believe in that making tea from Loose Leaves is harder to do in comparison to tea bags. The reality is that tea can be as simple or complex as you want. The mechanism of loose leaves is not as different as from a tea bag. You just need a proper way to abstract leaves from the water. For better result, you can also use an infuser to brew your tea.

2.Losing Weight or Losing Your Mind
When compared to beverages like Cold drinks or fizzy drinks, Tea is a wholesome beverage in itself as it contains zero calories (if no sugar is added). Tea is complementary to healthy lifestyle and diet. It doesn’t promote weight loss at a short run, but do work over a long term as drinking Tea on the regular basis in complement to a healthy lifestyle, detox body, cleans the collagen from the body. Thus, promoting weight loss if incorporated with a balanced diet and exercise.

3.Any brewed dried material is a Tea
Tea is a plant based product. The generic name of a tea is ‘Camellia Sinesis’ to be very precise. the grocery stores are a variety of leaves from luxury tea companies. These branded leaves do not contain actual tea leaves. There is just herbal blend that do not appropriately fit the criteria.

4.The Healthiest Tea is Green Tea
One of the biggest myth that people believe that Green Tea is the healthiest tea of all and promotes weight loss. In addition to this, green tea has no caffeine. But, this is not true. Green Tea contains a very minor quality of caffeine. This can affect human body negatively.

5.Adding milk to your tea affect health negatively
There are a number of studies have suggested that adding milk in your tea can cure most of the heart-related diseases. It also affects the vascular system and relaxes blood vessels, but tea without milk does not benefit that much. Still, many of them, especially in European region people, prefer to drink their daily routine cup of tea without milk. It’s their personal choice.

When it comes to food and beverages, following scientific advices has increasing becoming complex. At times, we just have to go as per our instincts. Which also includes that what suits our body and what not. Tea is an aromatic beverage, served hot or cold, it just gives you enjoyable feeling.


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