Discover Freshness by Choosing Exotic Summer Teas

With the beginning of the summer season, tea leaves are plucked in different parts of our country. From West Bengal to Assam, Arunachal Pradesh to Sikkim, tea experts search for the finest qualities of tea to add to their offerings. Some reputed tea companies consistently focus on providing the best tea experience to their customers. The second flush is made of black tea and Bergamot; customers can enjoy the combined flavour of bergamot and lavender flowers. The caffeine amount is low to medium, which means one can drink it few times a day. Well, freshly handpicked with love and prepared with a traditional tea-making procedure, the second flush is presented to grain in you the most reviving aroma of the season.

Take a look at the different tea variants that will bring a burst of flavour with them!

English Breakfast Tea –

Among the top black tea variants around the world, this tea adds a tint of luxury to your collection of beverage. It is picked as summers’ freshest second flush tea leaves and can be prepared in several ways. However, it goes best with milk as the bittersweet flavour is increased. This tea helps in blocking fat absorption in the cells and helps in shedding weight.

White Tea –

Freshly plucked in summer teas, these whole tea leaves come with a blaze of silvery tips and is a treat to have for every tea-lovers. Its soft and mellow colour will win your heart, while the mild flavour oozes down your senses to relax it. The antioxidants present in this tea protect the cells from damage, and the polyphenols reduce the risk of heart disease.

Green Tea –

Tea-lovers can now find elegance and soothing flavour in their cup of tea. With the aroma of freshly plucked leaves, green tea will make your day energetic. Moreover, every sip of this tea will provide a boost of antioxidants in your body. This tea is unfermented and minimally oxidised; it can have a cooling effect on your body. The rich vitamins and minerals present in green tea can give a much-needed boost to your immune system.

Oolong Tea –

Premium Oolong tea leaves emit honey-like sweetness and a fresh aroma when brewed. Consuming this tea regularly can improve the health of your heart. The polyphenols present in Oolong tea can boost metabolism and reduce the amount of fat from your diet. According to few studies, if customers have Oolong tea regularly can reduce 64% of the risk of brain dysfunction.

Earl Grey Tea –

When it comes to exotic flavours, no beverage in the world can match Earl Grey tea. Its soothing, bergamot flavour and a mellow tinge go best with the breakfast. It improves heart health and improves digestion. Its health benefits range from preventing cancer and cure a cold. Moreover, it is efficient in reducing LDL and total cholesterol. The bergamot in Earl Grey is proudly known for its calming effect on people and is a solution for them suffering from depression, anxiety and stress.

Chamomile Tea –

Want to get the best sleep? Sip a cup of this beverage before going to bed!

This ta is best known for its soothing properties and helps in reducing insomnia, anxiety and depression. It contains flavonoids and has many medicinal benefits. The continuous consumption of this tea can reduce the blood sugar level in people and lessens the risk of diabetes complications. Its chemical compounds can reduce inflammation and has the power of preventing cancer cells in our body.

Hence, you are missing something in life if you have not tried these second flush teas yet. Give it a try and make your summer refreshing and rejuvenating.


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