Cuppa of Refreshing Green Tea for a Long and Healthy Life

For tea lovers around the world, sitting down with a hot cup of tea is one of the highlights of their day, and now they will have even more cause to look forward to teatimes. According to a paper, published in the journal of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology, individuals who drink tea regularly, especially if its green tea, have a higher chance of leading a long and healthy life. Furthermore, they are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases like stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and so on.

After a thorough analysis of tea leaves, it was seen that it contains several essential compounds which are not only good for health but also help in preventing some diseases. The study also concluded that while all variants of tea leaves contain some amounts of healthy nutrients, green tea contains the highest number of essential components. It is due to the fact the green tea leaves are the least oxidised compared to other variants. Given below are some of the components that green tea is loaded with –

  • Antioxidants – 

Green tea is rich in catechins which contain antioxidants which are responsible for many health benefits associated with this beverage. Antioxidants are known for their anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties that lower inflammation as well as fights free radicals. These radicals cause damage to body cells and accelerate ageing. Thus, by lowering the formation of free radicals, antioxidants help slow down ageing and also improve immunity.

Catechins also fight against bacteria present in the mouth that causes plaque formation leading to tooth decay and cavities. Consequently, drinking green tea also reduces bad breath in the mouth by reducing bacteria formation.

Additionally, a recent study has also shown that the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea reduces tumour and prevents cancer. Drinking green tea also lowers LDL or bad cholesterol and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Thus, drinking tea help reduces the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases and enables them to live for a longer time.

  • Vitamins – 

Green tea also contains several vitamins which are one of the primary nutrients required by our body. Some vitamins present in tea are C, E, B2, folic acid etc. Vitamin C and E are also a type of antioxidants that helps in protecting skin from sun damage. They also facilitate healthy skin by promoting the production of collagen. Folic acid is also another critical component needed by our body since it aids in red blood production. Pregnant women are advised by doctors to take folic acid as part of their diet to prevent the onset of fetal neural tube defects.

One of the best ways to integrate folic acid into one’s diet is to drink green tea since it contains five times more compared to spinach or green tea.

  • Minerals – 

Tea also contains some minerals in small amounts such as potassium, calcium, phosphate, manganese. They facilitate fluid balance in the body, maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, aids in the proper functioning of nerves, blood pressure regulation and so on. Additionally, green tea is also low on caffeine, so it’s a great choice of beverage for someone who is looking to cut on their caffeine intake.

However, even though green tea is exceptionally beneficial to health, one must still consume it in moderation. Furthermore, only drinking tea is not enough to cure severe diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and so on. It needs to be followed up with a healthy diet and medication as prescribed by a physician.

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