Consider Theaflavins for Quality Assessment before You Buy Black Tea

Your day gets a kick-start only after you have a robust black tea! Isn’t it? But, did you know you get a fresh start to your day with the help of a compound called Theaflavins present in your refreshing cuppa? They are responsible for this strong taste and have other health benefits too. Theaflavins are a chemical composition that is present in your tea and is responsible for the brightness, briskness, the exciting coppery color, a soothing aroma and the smooth quality.

How Theaflavins Affect the Quality of Tea?


Fond of the tangy bitter sensation at the back of your throat that lingers for long?

Well, Theaflavins are responsible for this long-lasting sensation and the astringency of your favorite black tea. A good quality tea will always have a rich flavor along with a brisk and strong taste to die for.


Theaflavins gives a new angle to the color of your relaxing brew. They are a benzotropolone structure that provides a reddish-brown or orange-red color to your black tea. If your tea is adequately fermented and has formed the right proportion of Theaflavins, your tea will attain a mesmerizing reddish-brown or an orange-red color.


Theaflavins provide a raw smell while the tea leaf is green in color that softens with time. While the fermentation process continues, black tea tends to develop a fruity aroma. After the green color of the leaf changes to a coppery brown color, your black tea attains a mesmerizing strong fruity aroma that you swear by.


If your black tea has not been fermented for too long, right promotion of Theaflavins will form, thus confirming the smooth and creamy texture every time you take a sip on your brew. Fermenting over time will make the body of the tea thick and will lack the quality crave for.


If your favorite black tea has been fermented with a temperature higher than 25°C, it will lose its brightness values and the appealing sensory feel. Thus, it is crucial for your black tea manufacturer to maintain a temperature of 25°C for 60 minutes to keep the brightness and feel intact.

Black tea detoxifies your body and strengthens your immune system and improves oral health. It reduces joint pain and improves your blood flow. Excitingly, your black tea reduces the chances of heart diseases and stroke and has anti-cancer properties. Also, it reduces cholesterol level and has the strength to fight diabetes. Thus, a cup of your favorite black tea does not only charge your mind up but also offers other health benefits. So, the next time you go for tea shopping, consider the above-mentioned points and buy your cup of happiness and refreshment.

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