Christmas Themed Afternoon Tea Party ideas | Halmari Tea

The holiday season is around the corner and as we all know December is a month of festivities. One prime festival that is celebrated by everyone is Christmas. 

Most people on this day usually go out to party with their friends. But, this Christmas you can do something unique. Let’s say hosting a quaint tea party.

There are various interesting ways to organise an afternoon tea party. We will talk about those ideas but before that, you need to decide whether you want to set up the party indoors or in your garden. Also, order classic blends along with modern teas from the well-known tea company in Assam, Halmari Tea. Let’s now take inspiration from some top Christmas-themed afternoon party ideas.

Funky mocktails:

When you are hosting an afternoon tea party, make sure you add some punch flavours in a bowl that both children and adults would enjoy. You can buy green tea bags and make a delicious mocktail with them.

Maybe you can add a few mint leaves or squeeze some lemon and honey in it and serve it in those margarita glasses that you’ve kept on your shelves for ages. Also, you can add some fruits to green tea and make it a refreshing welcome drink for everyone.

You can also browse through the internet to get more mocktail recipes that you can create for your Christmas-themed afternoon tea party. 

How about some hot drinks?

We all crave a warm cup of hot chocolate during the winter season. So, this Christmas let’s infuse some hot chocolate into your party beverages. You can blend some assorted tea with chocolate to make a drink that your guests have never had before.

Or you can simply serve them some classic and aromatic Assam tea with a small cube of chocolate or with chocolate syrup in those new china cups. If you want to take your afternoon tea party to the next level then buy Assam tea from Halmari Tea, which is one of the best manufacturers of tea blends and add them to your hot drink recipes. You can also keep coffee recipes as an alternative.

Time for some savoury snacks

Savoury snacks are not only a great choice for Christmas parties but they are also an ideal option for afternoon tea parties. Savoury bites like rolls, pickles, club sandwiches and nuggets go really well with your warm or cold drinks.

So, you can either order some tasty savoury bites online or make them from scratch and impress your visitors. The festival of Christmas is celebrated all around the world, uniting different cultures. So, why not host a Christmas-themed afternoon tea party in Indian style? Make some pipping hot and delicious samosas to go with the orthodox black tea and celebrate the festival in a different way.

Sweet tooth cravings

Savoury bites surely light up any party when you put them alongside a tray of coffee or tea. However, you can also serve some sweet delicacies for your guests to enhance the spirit of Christmas. Tiffin and rocky roads are some iconic Christmas sweet bites that you can serve them.

If you don’t know how to make them, you can always look for the recipe on the internet. Packed with milk, raisins, crunchy biscuits and dark chocolate, you can prepare mouth-watering chocolate tiffin. Both these dishes would complement the hot and cold brews. 

Christmas Desserts

If you are inviting your friends and family over to an afternoon tea party, especially at Christmas, then you must present a delicious-looking cake at the centre of the table. Not only does it elevate the look of your dinner table, but you can also show off to your loved ones some culinary skills that you’ve just learned.

To make your afternoon party more Chrismassy, you can bake white chocolate and ginger cake, or a coffee cake with rosemary frosting. Furthermore, you can make a white tea and milk chocolate cake for your guests to relish.

Some cookies, please!

What is a Christmas party without some cookies and biscuits? If you are hosting an afternoon tea party for your guests to celebrate Christmas, having a plate full of freshly baked biscuits and cookies is a must.

You can keep some choco fudge cookies as well as ginger biscuits to create a diverse taste palette for everyone. Furthermore, cookies and biscuits go really well with coffee and tea.

So, you can keep your beverage line simple and become creative with the baking part. Don’t forget to add the snowman cookies to your menu as they will be a super hit among kids and grownups alike. 

Hopefully, these party ideas will help you host your upcoming Christmas-themed afternoon tea party. To be sure about the recipes, it is better to browse through the internet. Also, get your choice of teas from Halmari and prepare amazing mocktails and hot drinks to go with them.