Check Out for the Best Lemon Green Tea in the USA

Lemon Green Tea is highly recommendable to add to the diet because of its huge benefit. It sometimes becomes difficult to consume so it can be preferred, which not only helps to taste different but also has additional benefits.

Let us Look for Some of the Benefits of Green Tea-

1. It prevents obesity by increasing the growth of good gut bacteria.

2. It contains catechins and epicatechins that belong to the plant compound called Flavonoids.

3. It gives antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection.

4. It lessens the plaque buildup within the arteries.

Some Benefits of Lemon Green Tea are-

1. It has the benefit of extracting the antioxidants present in green tea by up to six times.

2. Lemon green tea helps to absorb iron consumption from food.

3. Stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid and thus helps digestion.

4. Slows down the absorption of food, thus helping the body to break down and absorb the nutrients.

5. High vitamin C content helps to reduce inflammation and protect against colds.

Brief Description of the Best Lemon Green Tea

1. The tea leaves are long, very attractive and have a very strong aroma which is accompanied by some lemon grasses.

2. The tea gives a strong taste of lemon with a light brisk of lemongrass.

3. The tea has a bold taste of lemon with a taste of lemongrass.

4. The tea leaves are attractive and aromatic as they are produced during the second flush of summer.

5. Green tea and lemon combine together to provide the benefit of anti-oxidant and vitamin C in a cup.

6. Each cup of tea needs 1.5tsp/2g of tea leaves, time taken to prepare is 2-3 minutes, ingredients are green tea, lemon and lemongrass.

Different Recipes to Make Lemon Green Tea

1. Ice Tea – Summers are just around the corner, and so are the recipes of all beverages. So, cooling down the lemon green tea with a twisty taste of mint would result in a yummy and healthy beverage.

2. Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwich – It can be used as the base to make an Ice Cream sandwiched between two layers of chocolate cookies.

3. Lemon Green Tea Cupcake – The dough of the cake can be fused with some tea and the buttercream frosting too. Now bake the cake for the amazing result.

4. Lemon Green Tea Brownie – The brownie can be made with a combination of white chocolate, tea, and almonds. Tastes heavenly!

5. Lemon Green Tea Hot Chocolate – A cup full of tea can be fused with some chocolate syrup to give the taste of a cup full of hot chocolate.

It has a huge line of health benefits, and when fused with lemon, the advantages get doubled up. A significant chunk of the population hugely consumes it, but lemon green tea bags in the USA has the highest consumable rate for the country’s weather and food style.

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