Can Green Tea Help to Prevent Tooth Decay?

How is Green Tea Good for Your Health?

  • It helps you lose weight
  • It helps to calm your nerves
  • It improves brain functioning
  • It also lowers the risk of cancer

Cut to 2017! According to research conducted by the scientists and published in the Preventive Medicine journal, green tea has recently entered the prescriptions of the periodontists! It helps to prevent tooth decay and relaxes chances of oral cancer.

Are you surprised? Well, certain Chinese researchers have conducted extensive studies on the same, and their theory has been substantiated by an experiment on 940 Japanese men with positive results on their dental health.

The initial study revealed that green tea has specific antimicrobial molecules called catechin which helps improve the oral health of people. They not only can kill oral bacteria but also prevents tooth loss and oral decay.

Getting details!

Whereas most people would suggest the lime or baking soda therapy for dental care, green tea brings to the teeth, a tad more – specific compounds to control bacterial infection and inflammation of gums. Some other areas where green tea saves you –

1. Reduction in Periodontal Disease

When plaque extends on the whole teeth, it gives rise to gum related issues. The oral bacteria multiply the toxins present and inflames gums causing gum recession, bloodborne bacteria, gingival pockets. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties to better your teeth.

2. Prevents Cavity

The cavity is one of the most repetitive problems for most! Green tea has certain properties which reduce the acidic content in saliva and plaque. To substantiate this, a study was conducted in Egypt which showed people who rinsed their mouth with green tea had reduced gum bleeding and fewer bacteria in their mouth. (Not rinsing, drinking it regularly is the key to happy smiles.)

3. Prevents Oral Cancer

The antioxidants which are present in green tea help protect teeth from any cellular damage or cancerous growth. In case of those people who already have precancerous lesions in their mouth, consumption of green tea on a regular basis can help reduce progress towards oral cancer.

4. Betters Your Breath!

Green tea is the key to you being always conversation and kiss-ready – literally! The expansion of odour emanating from microbes is cut short, and it also neutralises certain volatile organic compounds, thereby leading to better breath. Bid those chewing gums and candies a farewell!

Since most of the online sites claim to provide you with the ‘best of blends’ – make sure that you check the credibility and reviews of the source before you buy the brew.

P.S – As you start off your green tea schedule, don’t forget to skip those added sweeteners! They promote cavities (even with your green cup!)


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