Can Black Tea Help to Improve Oral Health?

Black tea is one of the greatest refreshments of a tea-soul’s life. With a subtle sweetness and reminiscing flavor, these tea leaves are true to their core. However, apart from taste and quality, it is a great player when it comes to one’s health.

Well, recent studies by Trade Health Research Association showcased that drinking black tea quite often holds immense significance in improving people’s oral health. Amazed by the fact, scientists carry forwarded a lot of further researches and case studies which displayed the same result.

So, If You Drool Over this Brew, then here are more Reasons to Fall for it all Over Again!

Inhibits Bacteria Growth

The only culture humans need to hate is bacteria!

This mighty microscopic creature can be a real pain deteriorating the oral health. Majority of people suffers from various infections and sores, owing to the uncontrollable growth of bacteria. Considering this situation, drinking black tea every day can be extremely beneficial. It contains polyphenols which greatly fights the bacteria present in the mouth and suppress their growth.


Therefore, Aids in Better Breath

When bacteria reside far off the throat, one inevitably experience good oral health. Black tea helps in flushing away those pathogens from the throat (their human abode) making people feel fresh and confident too!


Next Comes Healthy Gum

A healthy gum can demonstrate a person’s overall health. So, taking care of your gum by brushing and flossing daily is quite essential. However, for the lazy souls try to drink 2 cups of black tea daily and spend no energy to enjoy a healthy gum. Thanks to the black tea’s anti-inflammatory actions that assist in controlling issues like bleeding, swelling and infections.


Goodbye Cavity
Human saliva is slightly acidic in nature. So, the presence of acidic substances helps chew away teeth creating cavity. Starting from kids to the elderly, an abundance of people oft gets hit by this issue. This is when black tea is used as a tool preventing a cavity. It simply smashes down the acid proportion present in the saliva and thus inhibits plague.


Great Prevention for Oral Cancer
Anti-oxidant present in every food helps battle cancer. And black tea is the storehouse of anti-oxidant. Thus, owing to super strong anti-oxidant formula, black tea helps scuffle cellular damage and further tumour damage.  In a research conducted in the University of Texas, it was seen black tea extract prevents pancreatic lesions in patients’ mouth. Thus, it slowed the further development of oral cancer.

Pro Tip: To get the best benefit to avoid adding sugar and ice too. Even if you are not a tea-drinker, give a try to black tea. These exotic leaves will surely help you to keep the doctors away! So buy black tea for your oral health and healthy smile.

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