How to Brew Ideal Aromatic Bergamot Taste of Earl Grey Tea?

One of the most common names among tea enthusiasts is Earl Grey. Preparing it appropriately requires keeping a few things in mind. From the water poured to temperature, measurement, and more; every aspect has to be perfect to create have the best aromatic bergamot taste of Earl Grey tea. Earl Grey tea refers to a mix of black tea substantially enriched with the oil from bergamot oranges’ peel. The outcome is a complex, bright steep product with deep flavor and subtle aroma. Hence, order earl grey tea online in the USA to brew it perfectly.

I. Water
To make an ideal Earl Grey tea, one will require beginning with cold, filtered, fresh water. It is always suggested to not use water that has been previously boiled or tap’s hot water. The brewing tea water should be heated in non-reactive items like kettle made of glass, steel pot, etc. This eliminates the chance of impurities transferring to tea.

II. Preparing Temperature
Earl Grey preparing experts have always mentioned that this beverage should be made with water, which is heated just below boiling point at 208°. Using kettle or vessels without temperature controls means that an individual will have to heat water until it begins boiling. Lastly, then turn or switch off heat while warming that water pot.

III. Warming Cup or Pot
This step is what most people skip and is the reason for them to not being able to create the ideal aromatic bergamot taste of Earl Grey tea. Tea is a delicate product and requires precisely correct temperature for providing the essence that makes it drinking an even better experience.
Poring hot water into a cold pot or cup will start to cool it. Thus, warming cup or pot is essential as it aids steep to be consistent. Pour hot water in small amount in a cup or pot, swirl it adequately and then empty it again. Next comes pouring tea, before which ensure you ordered earl grey tea online and got delivered to your house beforehand.

IV. Exact Measurement
Correct measurement depends on an individual preparing this beverage. Few factors involve in this include how strong one wants to make this tea, for how many people one is preparing it, size of cup one will drink it, etc. When choosing loose tea, primary rule is using a single teaspoon for every cup of six ounce. If one prefers iced tea, then 2 teaspoons for every eight ounce. This step depends on people’s taste and cup used for drinking.

V. Brewing Time
When preparing Earl Grey, steeping time happens to be quite crucial. Most admirers prefer to steep it for a maximum of 3-5 minutes. However, numerous aficionados claim anything over four minutes is catastrophic. Lastly, some claims anything less than 5 will deprive one of the citrus aroma’s entire benefits.

Preparing this beverage while keeping these in mind will assist in having the best aromatic bergamot taste of Earl Grey tea. Hence, order earl grey tea online in the USA for the best products and enjoy the brew as your heart desires.

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