6 Best Halmari Tea Gifts for Christmas 2021

Christmas, a festival of gifts, family gatherings and lots of best wishes, comes only once a year. This is the time when you can gift your beloved ones and express your love for them. You can surprise them with Halmari’s unique tea gifts for Christmas. Here are the lists of gifts that you can give your loved ones keeping their special requirements in mind. 

6 Special Halmari Tea Gifts for Christmas 2021 

Here are some gift ideas that you can choose to surprise your near and dear ones. Now let’s take a look at the Halmari exclusive gifts for Christmas.

1. Assorted Tea Sampler Pack

If you want to gift an ardent tea lover, give them an assorted tea sampler pack. Halmari’s assorted tea pack contains ten samples of tea variety such as Green tea, Masala Chai, Oolong etc. In each box, you will get two bags for each tea variety. The tea pack comes with attractive packaging that will amaze the one you gift.

2. Combo of Flavorful Teas 

If you have to gift somebody who loves to experience different flavours in teas, present them a combo of Chamomile and Masala tea. Chamomile tea offers a mellow and honey-like sweetness.

On the other hand, Halmari offers the Great Indian Masala Chai, which contains black tea and clove, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger.  

3. Rare Teas for Luxurious Tea Lovers

Do you want to impress your beloved ones with a rare variety of teas which are pretty expensive too? So, gift them two separate packs of Golden tips and Silver Needle. Golden tipped tea has a beautiful fragrance, which is accompanied by beautiful colours like champagne. Your beloved ones will be so happy to welcome this gift.

Along with Golden tips, gift your loved ones Silver Needle tea, a luxurious tea variety. This tea is perfect for improving digestion, immunity-boosting and lots more.

4. Special Teas for Beauty Enthusiasts

Do you have to gift someone who is a keen beauty enthusiast? If you have someone in your mind, give the person either green tea, Oolong, or White tea, or three of them in a gift box.

These three teas have many antioxidant properties that can help individuals detoxify free radicals from the body. In addition, these teas have different colours and flavours that can help the mind relax and have a good night’s sleep. Deep sleep can help the skin look radiant. 

5. Healthy Tea for Health Conscious Individuals

Gift your beloved one a pack of green tea, which is beneficial for many reasons. Halmari’s Green tea Gold Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and has a grassy fragrance. This hand-rolled Green tea can soothe a day’s exhaustion and energize your beloved moods. 

Gift this particular tea to the person you care about the most. If the individual is a college goer or a daily working individual, gifting this tea can be fruitful. It may energize the person every time, and you’ll get a thankful appreciation for your gift.

6. Elegant Floral Tea Bags

Floral teas are perfect for reducing anxiety and stress. So to your beloved ones, a floral tea bag can be your best tea gifts for Christmas and give them freedom from depression.

Halmari has a unique Jasmine tea bag for floral tea lovers. Jasmine tea has many antioxidants properties that boost brain function, aid weight loss, and are suitable for heart health.

So, from the list mentioned above of Halmari tea, you can pick tea gifts as per your beloved one’s requirement. Gift them a special tea pack that will create a lasting memory in their minds on how much you care about them.

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