5 Surprising Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea!

Earl Grey tea is a fine blend of exquisite Chinese teas with a citrus twist in its flavor. The name Earl Grey comes from the 19th century British Prime Minister Earl Charles Grey who was first served this tea by a Chinese lord attendant. He has basically used extracts of a fruit called bergamot to balance the excess of lime water in local water. However as it turned out, the brew was an instant hit and the locals wanted to sell it in the market!

Precisely, that’s how Earl Grey Tea came into existence!

Apart from such an exciting origin, this renowned variety of tea has more to offer. It brings along an array of health benefits that is quite rare among other kinds of teas.

Here Are 5 Such Surprising Health Benefits Of Earl Grey

1. Weight Loss –
Could you ever imagine that you could replace that tasteless cup of green tea with a citrus refreshing brew of earl grey? Well, you actually can!

Citrus fruits in general can induce immense weight loss. Similarly, the citrus extracts helps to reduce fat and convert it into energy. It increases the rate of your body’s metabolism, burning more calories. However, only remember to replace the teaspoon of sugar with honey!

Note: According to research, it is ideal to drink around 2 – 4 cups of this tea every day to initiate weight loss.

2. Maintaining Dental Health –

Fluoride and catechin are two naturally occurring components in Earl Grey. Catechin is an anti-oxidant that helps to fight oral cavities. Fluoride helps prevent dental decay and can be found in tap water. In case you are not very fond of tap water, a daily cup of Earl Grey can be a good option to ensure your oral health.

3. Cancer Preventing Components –
Free radicals in the bloodstream are not a healthy sign; they are a major harbinger of cancer cells. Earl Grey contains generous amounts of antioxidants that fight these free radicals circulating in one’s body, preventing any malignant or cancerous growth.

According to a study conducted in China on 1000+ cancer cases, those who drink tea have lesser chances of developing cancer compared to those who don’t.

4. Making Way for a Healthy Heart –
A recent study concluded that regular consumption of Earl Grey tea (black of course) for a month reduced the level of LDL a.k.a. “bad cholesterol” by 39%. It also helped to decrease the blood sugar level by 22%, while increasing “good cholesterol” by a percentage of 41! This decline in blood sugar level therefore proves that a hot cup of Earl Grey is equally helpful for diabetic patients!

5. Boosting Energy Level –
Are you addicted to your regular cups of coffee because that’s what gives you the energy to walk through the day? Well, here is a better alternative! Unlike coffee, Earl Grey contains caffeine in safe proportions that can give you the kick to get going through your days’ routine!

Due to high potassium content, black tea helps to maintain the body fluid balance, keeping you hydrated. Coffee, that also gives a high energy boost, in contrast, gets the body dehydrated, leaving you wanting to drink more water and rushing to the latrine more often!

Buying Earl Grey Tea can be problematic, ‘cause not every seller offers a perfect blend of the black tea aroma with the right citrus twist. So, choose only from the best online dealers!

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