10 Halmari teas for the tea party in the new year

New Year gives tea lovers a special occasion to enjoy this hot cuppa together with near ones. Tea party at the onset of New Year is symbolic of their unending love for each other.

To meet the diverse taste of tea lovers, Halmari comes with its ten superior teas. These will add a blast of aromatic elegance to their party, giving new energy for the coming days.

1. Hand-rolled Oolong Tea

Halmari hand-rolled oolong tea gives the natural essence of tendered and semi-oxidized tea leaves. It is a hot favorite for many lovers of this beverage because of its unique taste and uncompromised natural quality of garden-fresh leaves.

Being semi-oxidized retains organic medicinal properties like antioxidants and other micronutrients. So, in the conglomeration of this tea party for the New Year, it may have extra demand.

2. Earl Grey Tea

This beverage of Halmari has a rich heritage of being the most preferred beverage since the old days. It was inseparable, almost mandatory, in British tea parties. The perfect black tea and bergamot combination offers a rich aroma when one sips this hot brew – Earl Grey Tea. So, the New Year tea party can be incomplete without this beverage of Halmari.

3. Masala Chai

Halmari Masala Chai infuses several Indian spices to offer superior quality taste and sweet aroma. Sipping this hot cuppa will add energy to the party souls. The best way to enjoy this beverage is by adding milk and honey while brewing. In this way, this party tea will make this celebration more amusing and cheerful.

4. Chamomile Tea

The sweet mellow aroma and rich taste of Halmari Chamomile Tea pacify human nerves and give sippers a sense of serenity.

It is the perfect choice of the host to encourage party people to engage in long conversations. Thus, it will add a new dimension to this New Year celebration by making a scope to connect with near ones.

5. Lemon Green Tea for the tea party

Halmari makes a perfect blend of lemongrass and green garden fresh leaves to produce this beverage. It gives a soothing aroma when one simmers its tea bag into hot water. This party lemon green tea will lighten people’s mood only after the first few sips.

6. Orthodox Tea

The orthodox tea of Halmari will brighten the party mood with its rich malty taste. The taste is so intense that it will linger in the taste buds for long. In this way, lovers of this beverage can engage in conversation for a long time after every sip of this hot cuppa.

7. English Breakfast

Halmari English Breakfast is the best party tea that one should enjoy with milk. Based on its strength Halmari has won several awards in the market. In fact, for lovers of this beverage, their party will remain incomplete without the rich taste of this hot brew.

8. White Tea

Halmari produces this beverage from delicate unfurled summer leaves. Young leaves give so rich taste that one can enjoy without additives. This white tea for tea party will exhilarate the mood of the people with its delightful aroma.

9. Peppermint Tea

The minty flavour of this Halmari beverage gives a unique sensation of refreshment. One can take some chocolate biscuits along with this hot cuppa to increase the delight of its taste. This celebration becomes more enjoyable with this beverage when individuals get their dear ones as a company.

10. CTC and Orthodox Blend

This blend of CTC and Orthodox beverage from Halmari offers a double blast of aromatic perfection. The superior taste of this perfect blend makes it the best beverage for the party. Moreover, it will energize the whole ambiance of the celebration with its sweet aroma.

Thus, Halmari has diverse teas to soothe the taste buds of all the people who sip its hot cuppa. At the New Year party, the host can add rich aromatic delights with a variety of its garden-fresh beverages. So, make the celebration grand and delightful with the best tea for a tea party of this brand.

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