This summer, make yourself a refreshing cup of flavored “Chai”

This summer, if you need a refreshing drink but want to avoid calorie-induced guilt, make yourself a cup of flavoured “Chai.” It does not matter how the weather outside; mornings always is demand caffeine. Well, nothing can replace the wholesome virtue that a freshly made cup of tea. If you want to make your summer mornings refreshing, complete your brew with some green cardamom and ginger. As the temperature is hot outside, green tea is undoubtedly the most refreshing kind of tea. Green tea is light, crisp, and loaded with anti-oxidants, increasing metabolism in our body and invigorating our senses. Also, consuming hot or cold green tea with a portion of honey and a squeeze of lime can feel the difference in their body throughout the day.

In summer, herbal tea is famous for cool and refreshing herbs like mint, rose, or hibiscus; these are ideal for bringing down your body’s temperature. Not only they bring the temperature down but also nutritious.

Let’s take a look at the variety of soothing cup of tea in summer which can be made hot and cold brews:

Hibiscus tea: Consuming this tea is one of the best ways to keep naturally cool during summers. Being a favourite drink of Egyptian Pharaohs, it reduces blood pressure, loaded with anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties that keep the body hydrated. You can easily make it at home by mixing dried hibiscus petals, dried rosehips, dried chamomile flower petals and a pinch of cinnamon. Adding all these in hot water and steeping them will make a tangy hibiscus drink for good health.

Green tea: The most popular herbal tea for weight loss and detoxification is Green tea. Comparing with black tea, green tea leaves are less oxidised, which cool down the body. Fortunately, green tea contains catechins that help in absorbing UV rays and improves skin resistance to it. Another welcome advantage of drinking green tea is that it enhances the elasticity and density of skin that helps in reducing the risk of sun damage. The high content minerals and vitamins found in different green teas can give a considerable boost to your immune system.

Tulsi tea: Tulsi plant itself is a warming herb, but when it is combined with other herbs, it can be used for making the perfect herbal tea that will benefit your body in every way. Adding spearmint with tulsi can be a great cooling agent, creating an ideal herbal tea and reducing stress. It boosts your stamina and improves the process of digestion.

Rose Oolong tea: This is a beautiful drink that will help you look fresh in the summers. Oolong tea is a great fat burner and rich in niacin that detoxifies your body, and along with that, rose is one of the best ingredients to cool down your body. This tea is known to have negligible calorie content that makes it an ideal content for weight loss programs and low-calorie diets. Consuming this tea daily can also increase your body’s metabolism and burn more calories in the process.

Basil and Mint Iced tea: Mint is included in a range of summer coolers and beverages, but the basil mind tea treats those who love tea. These two herbs have cooling properties, and preparation with both of them is perfect for summers. Thus healthy attributes of different types increase energy levels in our body, burn calories, and improve skin health.

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