The Assam Tea: Curing All Your Diseases

Strong, Pungent, and, Malty our dark reddish brown Assam Tea is named after the North East Indian region of ‘Assam’. Assam is known as world’s largest growing region for tea. In most of the western states, Assam tea is recognized as an Irish or English Breakfast tea as it is black in appearance.

There is numerous health benefit attached to the drinking Assam tea and on the other hand their other some myths that people follow blindly. The Assam Tea Online has been in trend lately. Let’s decode it. Know more about your tea.

Increase the level of mental alertness

It is said that there are varying the components in the Assam Tea which directly affect the abilities on ones thinking and alertness. Absolutely, this is true. Assam tea helps you to wake up even if you are experiencingextensive sleep. The major component present in the Assam tea which keeps you awake for a house is caffeine. There are many studies which states that drinking caffeine more than a limited quantity can negativelyaffectthe health of an individual. This is because, caffeine has an adverse effect such as nervousness, headaches, heart-burn, high blood pressure, and other irritability affects.

It is always advised that you should limit your intake of Assam Tea/ Caffeine to 1 to 2 cups in a day.

Prevents Cancer

The presence of a compound like phenolic in Assam Tea helps in eliminating the damage of reactive nitrogen and oxygen species present in the cells. Phenolic has many antioxidant properties which help in reducing the risk of cancer. It is also said that the Assam tea helps in reducing the risk of cancer of the ovaries. It was also suggested that males who consume more phytoestrogens are low on risk for lung cancers. Phytoestrogens are present in a good quantity in Assam Tea. However, it is also contradicting statement that consuming excess in quantity can also be harmful for health. This types of tea are effective for the eliminating any type of rectal, colon, and breast cancer.

The flavonoids help in improving the function of endothelial. It is the function of the lining inside the cardiac, blood vessels, and other body cavities. There are many studies which suggests that flavonoids can be easily found in black or green teas which produces plaque in the arteritis. Therefore, Assam tea is popularly known to eliminate the risk of many diseases like cardiovascular.

Minimizing the risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Drinking any beverage which has a high level of caffeine in it, especially a tea like an Assam tea, reduces the risk of Parkinson disease. Parkinson disease is a disorder for the nervous system. For a male consuming daily a 124 to 208 milli gram of caffeine, which is approximately 2 – 4 cups of Assam Tea, helps significantly in eliminating the risk of such diseases. Whereas for women, 1 to 3 cups are sufficient for consumption.

Knowing so many facts about the Assam Tea, you can deprive yourself of food for once, that a cup of this tea. Now, who will live without a cup of tea. True, isn’t it? Take the pride of the tea and being the finest tea in the world. So every time you drink Assam tea, you are likely to love it drinking. Don’t wait, go now and buy Assam tea online for yourself.

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