Switch to Halmari Tea – Benefit of Less Caffeine than Coffee in Every Cup

Coffee, in general, comes with a high quantity of caffeine. However, the presence of caffeine in tea was also discovered in the early 18th century. However, tea, especially green and white variants grown in the best tea producing regions comes with significantly less caffeine than coffee.

With a legacy of more than 100 years, Halmari tea has been maintaining its reputation as one of the leading tea estates of India as well as in Asia. Halmari is well known for producing quality tea variants that work with caffeine in a synergistic way to make your body relaxed without reducing the advantage of caffeine. So, it’s time to switch to Halmari tea and enjoy the benefit of less caffeine than coffee in every cup. The best way to reduce stress and attain relaxation.

  • Tea Contains Less Caffeine than Coffee

Do you know that tea contains more caffeine than coffee in their dry forms? However, the quantity of caffeine in tea becomes less than coffee when it is brewed. Researchers have found that average caffeine level in a cup of tea is merely 40mg, while a cup of drip coffee contains more than 105mg of caffeine.

With all their experience in the industry, Halmari tea has learned to identify the best tea leaves in the garden that contain the right amount of caffeine that will help you in reducing stress and availing relaxation.

  • Factors Influence the Level of Caffeine in Tea

The level of caffeine in different tea variants depends on several factors like the location and age of the leaf and the time of steeping. Researchers have found that young leaves grown on the top of the plant contain the highest level of caffeine.

Apart from that, the water temperature and time taken for steeping also determine the level of caffeine in different tea variants. Oolong, green and white tea variants contain almost similar quantity of caffeine, but the steeping process increases the caffeine level. Tea steeped for more than five minutes bring more caffeine in the cup than tea steeped for just two minutes.

  • The Effect of Caffeine in Human Body

Caffeine can bring woes if it is over-consumed. The tolerance level of caffeine varies among individuals. Caffeine works as a stimulant in the central nervous system and one of the most noticeable effects of caffeine is causing alertness. That is why; the beverages with a high quantity of caffeine help you to feel more awake and energetic.

However, too much consumption of caffeine can develop a headache and affect your digestive and excretory systems. Thus, if you have resolved to try some caffeine-less tea variants, you should try tea processed at and delivered by Halmari Tea Estate. Keeping the concerns of consumers seeking caffeine-free tea variants in mind, Halmari has introduced caffeine-less products, that will help you in reducing stress and enjoying a relaxed state of mind.

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