Simple and Easy Ways to Make Your Teatime More Calming

It’s hard to find a moment of peace in our hectic lives and take a break from our daily troubles. Teatime remains a great way to find a break of 5-10 minutes for most working people to find calm and relax. Thus, it’s worth it to enhance our tea-drinking routine by adding a few steps to it to get fully immersed in the process of obtaining tranquillity. A few such steps are discussed as follows:

  1. Traditional Tea Ceremonies

Tea ceremonies have been performed for centuries. It is a quiet celebration that gives a person a moment to slow down and recharge in only ten minutes. Halmari gold green tea leaves or similar loose tea leaves are put in a pot of water as we sit in meditation, watching it slowly come to a boil. The leaves are, then, steeped for a minute as the aroma rises and then we can finally take a sip followed by deep breaths savouring each moment.

  1. Using Favourite Tea-ware

A favourite tea mug or cup can have sentimental value or be beautifully crafted art piece. Either way, using a distinct cup can make a simple routine feel special and give a boost to our mood. We can also use additional items like tea-trays, small pots, cups and even tea pets to make teatime more calming and fun.

  1. Finding the right music

The right ambience at teatime can make us more comfortable and feel peaceful. Calming music like “zen music” is available on all music platforms and has specific sounds that can help lower heart rate, blood pressure and relax muscles. This type of music sets the mood for a soothing experience.

  1. Explore a wide variety of Tea

There are plenty of different tea recipes like chai, jasmine green tea, tulsi tea, hawthorn tea, rose tea and lavender rosemary tea etc. that we can enjoy making and then, tasting the results. There are also many herbs and spices one can put in tea like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and tulsi that enhance the above recipes with a wide selection of flavours. We could also get a lot of options from the grocery stores like chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, ginger and more.

  1. Trying Tasty Snacks to go with the Tea

A small snack to go with tea never fails to make one happy. It could be something simple and frugal like some salted biscuits or nuts for the health-conscious. Or it could be a delicious meal with the traditional British scones, crumpets and cookies or Indian snacks like samosas and pakoras.

  1. Drinking Tea before Bed

A cup of tea can help us wind down before we go to bed. We recommend making a blend of chamomile herbal tea or Halmari Asam tea and reading a book for a restful and deep sleep.

  1. Get Comfortable

Setting the right environment is essential to making teatime more calming and peaceful. We can also set the right temperature and wear snug, loose attire to further increase comfort.

By adding a fun routine to our teatime, we can make a simple moment of our day special. It’s important to take a break from our dull and stressful lives, so putting a little effort to set the mood is worth it. We should add a few such quality breaks to our daily routine to increase productivity and refresh ourselves.

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