Reveal the Secrets of Drinking Hot Tea in Hot Summer Days!

“Thousands of blue blistering barnacles!!!”

Exactly the mood you have on a swelteringly hot summer day! The Sun seems like a demon out to burn you or rather grill you slowly! On such occasions, you favor iced teas, juices, cold drinks or slushes and yet, you find no respite!


Because you have chosen something which cools you down for a minute and not for a long time! And then, the one and only hot tea club make an entry, ready to calm your mind and body.

Sounds astonishing but God be true, a cuppa of hot beverage does work wonder! How?

Well, here are a Few Secrets that might Peak Your Interest: 

  • A cup of ginger tea on a sunny day cools your system and surprisingly your body remains calm throughout the whole day!
  • The receptors of temperature in your body work like your internal air conditioners as the hot liquid traverses down! They signal the brain making it produce more sweat and as the sweat evaporates, your skin cools off!
  • Coming down to your normal homeostatic temperature, which is the equilibrium point, relaxes and calms your body, all thanks to tea! Unlike ice, your body does not need to compensate with temperature difference outside and inside your body.
  • Hot teas protect your body by enhancing circulation and also preserving nutrient immersion power. Cold drinks, on the other hand, hurry up the gastrointestinal system reducing the nutrition retention rate.
  • The jasmine tea having a fruity sweet taste is believed to keep you sailing through the hot summer days easily. It calms you down from inside and also, lowers your blood pressure.
  • Lemon tea is another summer heat resisting hot beverage which treats your irritable bowel syndrome greatly. Moreover, it also keeps an individual extremely hydrated and is, thus, known as the magical herb!
  • The Green tea is yet another bonus brew of the summer hub! Not only does it protect your skin from getting rashes in summer but it also helps your skin to remain cool from the scorching UV sun rays!
  • Summer sometimes makes you feel a bit nauseated too! In this case, a hot cup of lemon green tea provides you with extreme relief. High in vitamins and antioxidants, this particular brew also helps to overcome mental agitation owing to blazing heat outside!

Having a cup of hot tea in summer does sound enticing! The tanginess of tea’s signature flavor along with each genre’s individual benefits makes it a viable option to go for. It not only soothes your mind and body but also saves a lot of medical drama by detoxifying your system and providing it with ample health perks!

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