Magical Moments: Jeanie Goddard Loves Halmari Assam Tea

Who doesn’t know Jeanie Goddard’s love affair with tea?

Well, it seems, there’s another tea that has bagged reputation in her list! It’s none other than the much acclaimed Halmari Assam Tea.

It goes all the way back to 2001 when Jeanie gave a speech as a graduate faculty speaker at Wellesley High School. In her speech, she went on to say that apart from other benefits, tea can save you from being picked up even by the police too.

Later on, she went a step further to introduce graduates to the delectable taste and relaxation tea offers. Taking up Oprah-style serving for guests, she asked them to pick the packet of ‘Halmari Assam Tea’ tucked under the seats.
Next, they had to brew it in the pot and sip slowly to enjoy the delicate taste and aroma emanating from their cups. That can be called nothing short of a magical moment for Halmari. It has definitely spread its wings far and wide in the world.

The move was much-appreciated, but what can be seen is that Jeanie has found her love in Halmari Assam Tea from India.

And, why not?

The delicate flavors of these tea leaves are unmatchable. Also, the mix of traditional spices adds a perfect punch of freshness and taste.

The Uniqueness of Halmari Assam Tea

Halmari brings a range of Assam tea leaves and bags in different types and flavors. From green and white tea to traditional hand rolled oolong tea and many more, its tea has been hailed by many as a perfect blend of sophistication and luxury.

Hand-picked from the tea estate of Assam, these garden-fresh tea leaves are prepared as per the oldest traditions of tea-processing. Hence, every cup of Halmari Assam tea exudes uniqueness. That’s also probably the reason Jeanie Goddard found her love in this brew.

Its range of floral tea with sweet fragrances is also commendable. Most of it comes with an option for dairy addition. To enhance the sweetness while retaining the flavor, the addition of honey is what experts at Halmari suggest.

The Latest Fascination

Still brooding over Jeanie’s unveiling of Halmari Assam tea? That was then, 18 years back! A recent report suggests her fascination with Halmari Assam Tea continues.

Let’s check it out!

On March 10, 2019, Jeanie Goddard is up for hosting an event named Tea with Jeanie at the Wellesley Community Centre. The name is enough to induce excitement among tea lovers all over the world, isn’t it? Well, at the event, Jeanie is again going to stump guests with her choicest Halmari Assam Tea.

Guests will find it exciting to witness the unrivalled luxury of taste this tea comes with. Isn’t Jeanie’s choice proof enough to exhibit how much she loves the Assam tea?

What’s more, if you get to attend the event in person, you will also come face to face with the history of tea. Not to mention, the history of Assam tea will hold the better part of it.

With these facts uncovered, all we can make out is “Jeanie Goddard loves Halmari Assam Tea”!

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