Know-How Drinking Tea can beat the Summer Heat

Excessive body heat is one of the common health conditions faced by people across the world. It is most commonly known as “heat stress”. For people wondering how to reduce body heat, it is essential to identify the symptoms and uneasiness in our body, including sleeplessness, digestion problem, ulcers, etc. There are multiple reasons for body heat, and if individuals do not take necessary precautions to avoid dehydration, it can lead them to fatal conditions like heat stroke. The only way to deal with this condition is to keep our body calm and cool, and the most necessary change should be tweaking the diet and consuming drinks enriched with cooling properties. Herbal teas are popularly known as cooling herbs such as mint, rose, and hibiscus, are perfect for bringing down body temperature. Not only herbal teas keep the body temperature down but also nutritious.

Ditch high-calorie drinks and instead try herbal teas that can cool you down!

Hibiscus Tea: Hibiscus provides relief from the burning summer heat. It has many benefits as it is rich in Vitamin C and minerals like flavonoids that have laxative properties. It is known to prevent hypertension, reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Its anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties help in keeping the body hydrated. It also helps in preventing obesity and due to metabolism regulation properties. Therefore, drinking beneficial hibiscus tea loaded with antioxidants and caffeine-free increases your lifespan and maintains overall good health.

Green Tea: The most popular and widely consumed green tea, which is extremely beneficial for weight loss and detoxification in summers. As compared to black tea, green tea is less oxidised, which helps in cooling the body. Sometimes hot weather disturbs our sleep, loss of appetite and weakens our immune system. The rich vitamin and minerals found in green tea can give your immune system a much-needed boost that helps your body obtain nutrients and promote healthy circulation. Many of us want to look best in summer, and it happens because green tea helps to lose weight significantly.

Rose Tea: Rose contains cooling properties that are apparent as “Gulkand”, the jelly prepared from rose petals is considered the perfect cooler for the entire body. Rose petals are high in phytonutrients and antioxidants. According to research, phytochemicals can stop the formation of cancer cells in our body. Its high Vitamin C can is capable of fighting off infection and boosts the immunity system.

Turmeric Tea: Turmeric is rich in an antioxidant known as Curcumin that helps in boosting immunity, heals inflammation, body pain and digestion-related issues. Moreover, this spice helps in calming the body heat and helps in discharging toxins from the body. One can have this raw or prepare tea which will help to balance body temperature. Some research says that turmeric tea helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Peppermint Tea: We all are aware of the flavour of peppermint. It is cooling, refreshing and rejuvenating can make your summer days fresh. A cup of iced peppermint tea on a hot summer day is a wonderful treat. The class of herbs support our nervous system and help us to relax. The ingredient menthol in it warms and stimulates the systems of our body. It relaxes stress and tension in our body, which further increase blood circulation and regulates body temperature.

Thus to maintain body balance heat in summer, it is crucial to find time and relax, gives rest to the body to reduce body heat and not over-exert. Most importantly, it is essential to maintain good hydration by drinking beneficial tea to keep yourself refreshed and rejuvenated.

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