Hoist a Memorable Tea Party For Your Mother by Relishing Flavorful Tea Ranges

A mother’s arms are the most comfortable spot in the entire world. Just like the warmth of her touch, a sip of perfect brew helps relieve the stressful conditions. With digitalization, accessing this mix of preeminent teas have become easier. These tea varieties satisfy the taste buds with exceptional tangs and simultaneously offer health benefits. According to some researchers, there are more female tea lovers in comparison to men. Thus gifting an assorted box of carefully picked and flushed tea leaves are the best gift to show affection to your Mother. However, for amateurs selecting the right options can be confusing. To help you compile the best tea assortments, here are some of the top five variants.

Top Five Tea Flavours To Include In Mother’s Day Tea Party Kit

  1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile flowers have been used by tribes and locals to support stronger health. This mellow, sweet and soothing tea is filled with flavonoids for better sleep cycle. Adding chamomile tea to the party would help in calming the nerves and encourage longer conversations. When brewed, a sweet apple-like aroma lingers around, enriching the senses. Don’t forget to add lemon shortbreads to compliment this flavourful tea.

  1. Hand-rolled Oolong Tea

Adding a bag of hand-rolled gold oolong tea would be a great choice for health-conscious super moms. The tea goes through a long processing stage which begins with sun drying in bamboo baskets, followed by air drying and finally oxidization. To enhance the texture and flavor, sprinkles of silver and gold dust added to the leaves. Whether you are hosting a mad hatter themed party or a posh Beverly Hills tea party, adding this reddish-brown tea would make the event stylish. To get the best flavour, add the leaves to the boiling water and brew gently. Now pour a cuppa and begin the game of truth and dare.

  1. Masala Chai

How can Mother’s day be absolute without a spicy cup of masala chai. This strong or ‘Kadak’ tea has the power to energize a drinker. Adding a thick layer of milk and sugar completes this flavourful delight. With every sip, invitees of the mother’s day tea party can taste the rich zest of Indian spice, namely, ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. Since Indian spices have multiple health benefits, a hot cup of masala chai would offer stamina for longer chats and gossips. Don’t forget to include Parle-G or any preferred snacks to accompany the tea.

  1. Peppermint Tea

Is your mother concerned about her digestive system? Make sure to include peppermint tea bags at the party. The minty and refreshing flavor of this unique tea is known to rejuvenate the mood and boost stamina. You can gift a box of peppermint tea to the guests as it helps in relieving stomach pain, improve digestion, fighting bacterial infection, treating sinus, and more. Rest assured, your Mother would shower you with a blessing for this amazing tea. You can include a box of chocolate cookies to accompany this flavourful tea.

  1. Earl Grey Tea

Since a tea party originates from British culture, including the aromatic and smooth Earl Grey tea is mandatory. Made from a combination of black tea and bergamot, this golden brew leaves behind the hints of lavender in the taste buds. To enrich the flavor of this refined tea, add honey lemon cakes as accompaniment. Brew the leaves for a maximum of three minutes to acquire that mellow and smooth taste. These are some of the top teas available in the market that offer rich taste, aroma and multiple health benefits. This mother’s day, gift your mother a box filled with aromatic tea leaves or custom create tea bags filled with different tea flavors.

You can host a tea party and infuse your mother’s favorite tea flavors in a cuppa to create memories to cherish forever.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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