Health Benefits of Silver Needle White Tea

What is Silver Needle White Tea?

Silver needle white tea is one of the delicate varieties of teas that are freshly picked before the leaves of the tea plant open fully. The young and beautiful buds are covered with fine silver-like thread, named the Silver needle white tea. The leaves have been handpicked from the newest growth of the tea plant to get meticulously dried so that you can experience the delicacy and the wonderful taste. 

The different oxidation process

The authenticity of the best quality white tea lies in its making process. The distinctness between all the tea lies in oxidation. In this process, the white tea leaves are allowed to get oxygen exposure after harvesting. The making method is more likely non-oxidized and follows the least processed way. The leaves are withered and dried in the most controlled environment, not under artificial heat. That distinguishes white tea from all the teas. Well, if you need white tea,  buy tea online today to avail yourself of its benefits.

The health benefits of Silver Needle White tea

White tea is known for its healing properties and has lots of health benefits. You can list it up in your daily health care regime. The benefits are many. Let us discuss the top 5 benefits of silver needle white tea.

Improves concentration and alertness

White tea is rich in L-theanine which is an essential component for improving your concentration. It also helps to calm stimuli in your brain that helps to improve alertness and focus. When it comes to anxiety, L-theanine also works to reduce its effect. Drinking white tea may lead your brain to function well. 

Reduces weight

Silver needle white tea helps to make you healthier and happier. The regular consumption of white tea may help to lose excess weight. The tea works to increase metabolism in your body which helps to burn stored fat. By reducing fat, you can prevent some other severe diseases caused by obesity. However, along with having white tea, one should do regular exercise and a controlled diet to get effective results. 

Good for your skin

White tea has wonderful health benefits for people who are struggling with skin-related problems. Having white tea regularly may help in the reduction of skin irregularity. It is antioxidant-rich and decreases free-radical build-up. Moreover, it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to provide you with amazing results. Also, it helps to boost collagen in your skin and promotes a natural glow. Silver needle white tea is so good for your skin that also presents early-aging signs. 

Good for diabetics

White tea helps to regulate or control diabetes. It is enriched with catechins and antioxidants that work to regulate your blood sugar level. A recent study has found that regular consumption of silver needle white tea helps to lower your glucose level in the blood and work against the activity of the amylase enzyme by blocking its production. It also helps to improve the problem of early thirst in diabetes.

Prevent chronic disease

Consuming white tea regularly has lots of amazing benefits. White tea works on promoting healthy heart function. The tea wonderfully contributes to your heart health and prevents chronic diseases such as clotting, heart attacks, or strokes. White tea contains the most antioxidants as it is the least processed tea. It also works to lower blood pressure and cholesterol level to improve your heart health. 

How can you prepare Silver Needle White tea?

The recipe to prepare silver needle white tea is quite easy. You can brew it in hot boiling water for 3 to 4 minutes at a temperature of around 190 degrees. The brewing time may vary as per the different quality of tea. So, before you buy Silver Needle white tea online, it is important to know the instructions about the brewing and steeping time. 

Hence, silver needle white tea is a phenomenal superfood that must be added to your daily routine. You can buy Silver Needle white tea and get unusual benefits. If you wonder where you should buy it from? Halmari Tea can be your stop! Halmari brings the best quality silver needles white tea with exotic flavors that you have ever had. They provide you with a unique and luxurious experience that comes together to make the perfect cup of tea. What else can be better than this? Buy white tea online in India today on the Halmari Tea website and enjoy the rare and exotic white tea at your home.